Thursday, 28 February 2013

Feb 28th Press Release from Defenders of Gibraltar



Many months ago now, the Defenders of Gibraltar came into being with the mission statement to tackle the Spanish Governments constant harassment and oppression of our people and our homeland. We feel that we achieved some great things, but in the midst of local political wrangling, a multi-faceted and out of sync strategy and a lack of leadership (we had a committee of equals) we feel that we may have inadvertently given the wrong impression to people. As the saying goes, one must always learn to walk before you can run.

I would like to make clear that we in the Defenders of Gibraltar are in no way ‘xenophobic’ or anti-Spanish. We are against the political machinations from a government in Madrid who searches for every opportunity to stifle our growth and aspirations as a people. Unfortunately, certain people in Gibraltar have felt it pertinent to use our presence as a new political tool to wield in the confrontational nature of our local politics. To them I say that the Defenders of Gibraltar will not be drawn into these games. We are here to tackle Spanish Oppression and pressure those whose role it is to defend us. We will do so with tact, cunning and raw passion harnessed and channelled into our aims.

Yesterday, following a DoG committee meeting in which a plethora of things were discussed, the need for a clear and coherent strategy as well as a leader was clearly apparent. Following a democratic vote, a leader was indeed selected as Chairperson and Spokesperson. This person is Gareth Gingell. He is now the leader of the Defenders of Gibraltar and as such is responsible for driving and implementing the strategy of the group in consultation with the rest of the committee and our many group members.

Following the consolidation of the DoGs structure, rules and regulation, a discussion was had on the democratic nature of our group and what we would do to ensure the utmost accountability and transparency to all. As such over the next few days we will publish the group’s constitution, length of terms for committee positions (and other regulations / disciplinary procedures) and try our utmost best to ensure we set an example in this regard.

Our strategy has also been given a radical shake-up with a clear focus on our implicit aim and philosophy. We will shortly be consolidating these ideas and will present them to the public; either through online media (live streaming presentation to allow for live criticism), documents or open meetings. We will always be open to criticism as without it, we are lost.

The Defenders of Gibraltar has essentially been reborn and is now much stronger than before. We sincerely understand that we must earn your trust, and we will always endeavour to achieve it. For those who doubt this, I ask you to watch not only what we say, but also what we do, as our deeds will certainly betray deceit.

Lastly, one thing which must always be borne in mind when pursuing a nationalist ideal or standing up to a bigger foe – by fighting monsters, one must always be careful not to become a monster themselves. As a non-violent and peaceful activist group, we will never let Gibraltar down in this regard.

Viam aut inveniam aut faciam

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours Truly,

Gareth Gingell
Chairman and Spokesperson of the Defenders of Gibraltar

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