Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Is it a wonder that Spain continue to harass us?

How does Spain continue their bullying and get away with it?

Well this is what we have all asked ourselves for a very long time. Especially since they get away with so much not only in their daily bullying but in fact even getting our waters designated to them by the European Union! I ask you how can these issues go unchallenged?

What does not help is the way UK Government treat us in not taking action against the bully. Even worse is to find out that our UK government has even classified Gibraltar as being part of Spain on our UK British Passport applications! How can this be? Are people in the Home Office so in need of education about what areas in the world UK have? Are the people who work in the Home Office Spanish? 

Come on Mr Hagueand Mr Cameron  get your things right in your government! Teach the true facts of Gibraltar and stop messing us around!

Below is the extract from what appeared not only in Social Media but in our other daily newspaper the The Gibraltar Chronicle:

Home Office thinks Gibraltar ‘in Spain’

Yesterday, 19th February 2013
A Gibraltarian woman living in Britain who is a UK passport holder has won an unusual battle with the Home Office.
When she had filled in her form she was shocked to have a document returned to her which listed her place of birth as: town Gibraltar; country - Spain. She sent it back corrected as pictured.
Only after contacting them and making her views clear was this corrected. It appears that this was the default entry in the Home office computer system.


We demand a public apology to the People of Gibraltar! This is an insult to who we are as a people!

If you can but just walk in our shoes for a day and then you will see how this latest tactic by the Home Office is not just a mistake it is part of an osmosis that has already started his race to consume us as a people and as a country!

That is like saying to a Falkland Islander's application for a passport and putting Argentina as the country!  Totally and absolutely wrong and careless and an insult to those who fight to remain British!

Take now another attack from Spain a well known Spanish Lawyer coming out attacking Gibraltar! Try and understand and see for yourselves how we are constantly under attack from all angles. Below is the article as posted in Social Media:


Click below to read the full very strongly written article:

The great thing yesterday was we had a Royal Navy Ship in our waters and this is what lifts our morale - even if it is on a small visit but the message to Spain is made clearer! Gibraltar is British and always will be! We the people of Gibraltar choose to be and that is what democracy is all about!
HMS Cattistock left port today flying her Battle Ensign (bottom picture) undoubtedly sending a signal to Spain that these waters are our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and ours alone.
Now this is what we love - our Royal Navy presence in our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and not the paramilitary Guardia Civil!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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