Friday, 22 February 2013

Spanish Guardia Civil cause Border Queues of over 2.5 hours

Spanish Guardia Civil once again cause Queues at the border.

When Spain wants to bully Gibraltar just because we are Gibraltarian and British this should not be accepted by anyone around the world.

in today's day and age they may not go to war with US but they do go into using all methods of bullying to try and get us to quiver as a country. However, what they have always underestimated about the people from Gibraltar is that we are proud to be British and that we have a passion and determination to survive.

This they should have learnt does not and will nto work - when their previous leader a dictator called Franco ruled the country out of fear and closed the border between us - they had all hoped we would die or go to another country around the world. However, we hte people of Gibraltar did not leave and will never leave our land! Guess what happened - even with the border closed we survived and grew stronger and prouder of who we are!

NO what I do not understand is how Spain and some of their people think that by putting us done on the news - in sport - in the world by any means - how do they think we will be destroyed? It is funny really if not pathetic to  be honest that a country in European Union behaves in this manner! How they being bigger think they can destroy who we are! This is the picture of a real David and Goliath - we are David and they are Goliath!

SO while the EU and Nato and Human Rights and the UK government continue to ignore this bully - in the midst we are growing strong er and stronger as a people! We are standing up for ourselves and highlighting who Spain is to the world - nothing more than a spoilt bully! Who once gave a country away over 300 years ago and as yet not accepted that it will never be given back!

Knowing the problems I know Spain has financially and the current government corruption in their nation it is not surprising how the word DEMOCRACY is and means nothing to them! If you look at how many men kill or harm their wives or partner cos they cannot accept they are being left - it is no surprise the hate they feel for us and the way they currently think - they want us back and if not destroy us - like they do with their women! How many women have already died at the hands of their men in SPAIN!

So last night 21-02 they began their spoilt behaviour and commenced the go slow at the Border and thus caused long waits that by 6.00pm had exceeded 2.5 hours.After numerous calls by the public we the Defenders of Gibraltar Group went to the border to monitor and then give out leaflets to those caught in the queue! Some of us were at the fence taking photos as is our motto to Spain - NO QUEUES = NO PHOTOS. Simple but clear message to Spain and their Government.

Once again we found that the Guardia Civils were stopping cars in the Green Lane which is nothing to declare and worse still checking documents. Below is all the proof from last night! We also found the new fashion for the Policia Nacional to wear black scarves up to their eyesw - balaclavas - trust me it is not that cold in Gibraltar or Spain's border! So why do they do it? Firstly not to  be identified and secondly just to intimidate the people who cross the border! Remember the balaclavas are like for the RIOTS!

Below are a few selected photos done By Defenders OF Gibraltar Photographers last night - note how they also take photos of us and we do not moan! You will see one photo showing them laughing and that was as it began to rain they laughed and shouted at us - haha lets see if you will take photos now when you get wet haha. To which I promptly replied with my camera is a waterproof one! The rain came and left and we were still there so if they did not know we will not falter now they do!

The leaflets we gave out I must say it was funny - at one point they got a copy from one of the cars and spent 30 minutes reading it and passing it from the Police Post to the Customs and Guardia Civil - the queue in that time was faster than ever! The queue also went faster as they laughed at us and also took photos of us so at least the queue went down from 2.5 hours to 45 minutes which we find is acceptable! So then we left but enjoyed our evening and were more motivated than ever!
Here is the link to the you tube video about the queues -

Guardia Civil checking documents in the Green lane

 Angry GC
 Still checking documents in the green lane

The Guardia Civil laughing at us when it started to rain and they shouted out now how you gonna keep taking photos hahah

 Here they were annoyed we were taking photos for evidence of them stopping cars for document checking in the green lane

Here caught on camera making fun of us when it began to rain! What they did not know was my camera is waterproof!

 Here they are taking photos of us and we have it also caught on video - watch out for it on youtube - coming out soon lol
 The new fashion for the Policia Nacional - wearing balaclavas so as not to be identified and to intimidate - cos in Gibraltar and in Spain at the border it is not that cold lol

Hope you enjoyed the photos and proof! Now join us to stand up to the bully that Spain is and how can they continue in the European Union if they treat their neighbours and allies like this!

So wake  up FCO - Wake UP UK Government do your job and protect Gibraltar!

We continue to hold  you accountable for lack of action at land and at sea!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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