Sunday, 3 February 2013

Incursions continue and nothing is done either by the Royal Navy or our Royal Gibraltar Police!

Lack of action is equal to not doing their job.

The more incursions that happen are not only bad due to the fact that Spain are still breaking our laws and bullying us - but worse is the fact that the Royal Navy and our own Police are losing credibility and respect by our society.
Our Royal Gibraltar Police work very hard and risks their lives each and every time they go out and cannot do anything! So the question is maybe they should not go out at all! This way they can stop the pretense of showing to do something when in reality - when was the last arrests!
The people of Gibraltar are fed up of the constant incursions in our waters and the outward disrespect for our laws! 
This morning  we had another incursions by Spanish para military - Another GC incursion underway - Rio Tormes is this morning positioned off the Western Approaches.

Believe you me if this happened in Britain - something would have already been done! If this was the Falklands we would have already had an international escalation in place! We do not want a war - we want what is right! 

We have our rightsWe have our voice and we have our choice! We all know that this boils down to SOVEREIGNTY! That is no more no less! We need to highlight cleanly that we have nothing against the people of Spain or even their country!


This video captures their Para military personnel entering and trying to exercise Jurisdiction in our waters!

Why should we have to tolerate this no one else in the world would!

Everyone around the world need to know how we are harassed each day by all the means possible - slander, frontier queues, incursions in our waters, fishing illegally!

We have no issue with the poor FISHERMEN fishing in our waters - So long as they respect our laws! Our laws do not allow the racking of our sea beds! Our laws do not allow fishing by nets. - This video is not done by Defenders of Gibraltar but at least they agree they enter our waters!

Everyone around the world continue to have problems trying to control Spanish Fishermen:


Canada Fires Warning Shots; Seizes Spanish Fishing Boat
Canada and Spain Face Off Over Fishing Zone


Disputes - There have been constant disputes with Spain over fishing rights since 1973 when Morocco declared an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), resulting in a 70-nautical-mile (130 km) coastal fishing limit. This was extended to 200 nautical miles (370 km) in 1981.] In February 2012 it was reported that the Spanish Prime Minister was urging Morocco to negotiate an agreement about these differences.


Japan arrests another illegal fishing boat
United Kingdom 

Spanish fishermen are desperate to catch more fish and move into other waters. Because the stocks in their own EEZ have been severely depleted, Spanish fishing operations have spread all over the world. Their regular grounds include Canada and Morocco, and they had been forced out of Namibian
waters earlier in 1991.
Now read our document and stand about FISHING in Gibraltar then I ams ure you will understand!

Anne-Marie Struggles 

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