Friday, 8 February 2013

48 Hour Vigil commences today as from 6pm CET outside Governor's residence - The Convent.

The 48 hour Vigil

You may be asking why we are doing this 48  hour vigil. A very valid question indeed.

If you were - like we are in Gibraltar threatened by a bigger country in as many ways as we are - I can guarantee you that all of you out there from so many countries would not tolerate it!

We live in a democratic society and we have a right to voice our concerns and injustices We the people of Gibraltar are British Citizens and UK have a constitutional responsibility to protect not only us the people but our land, our sea and our air!

We are as independent than ever before - UK does not control us or contribute financially as we are self governing! However, our sea and air fall under the sole responsibility of our Foreign Commonwealth Office! Their responsibility is to protect the Integrity of our waters and ensure the security of them. They are failing BIG time in their DUTY!

For this reason we are doing a protest of a 48 hour VIGIL to highlight again our discontent of their lack of action! Lack of action by our NAVY - by our Governor - by our Royal Gibraltar Police!

We have had an overdose of diplomacy and bureaucracy to last us another century! 

We the people of Gibraltar are proud to be British and proud to be Gibraltarian! We are passionate about our land and our identity and will never sell out to Spain!

The incursions by the Guardia Civil in our waters is NOT about fishing - we all know the truth - it is about SOVEREIGNTY!

So we call on everyone out there who believe we have our Right to choose - our right to have our VOICE and that we have a CHOICE - to stand with us as we stand up to the FCO and say - do your duty - do your obligation! We are no less important than the Falklands and we are no way lower class citizens to UK people!

We have been loyal to UK for over 300 years so it is about time UK are loyal to us! FCO do your duty and less words and more action!

We will keep you updated throughout the 48 hours of our VIGIL.

We're in greater danger today than we were ever before. Our FCO is absolutely incapable of defending this country of ours!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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