Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Our 48 hour Vigil - Our experience

 The 48 hour Vigil

The first 24 hours was exciting and thrilling. We all knew what we were doing and why we were doing it. We were fresh and strong and with great enthusiasm. 

The second day and night was hard work and although we had passion we were now suffering the consequence of lack of sleep. However, the influx of supporters and public asking questions gave us the motivation to carry on.

We had hard times - cold times - moments of humility and pride. Great team building experience and numerous lessons to be learnt.

"If fighting for what you believe is not hard - then it is not worth fighting for!"

The generosity of the people of Gibraltar was the most moving experience as was the public support that came from all parts of our society!

It was great to see so many people come and go and I think we only had about 1.5 hours where we were only the committee and thought would more people still come? The reality was many came and many came again like our Chief Minister Fabian Picardo who showed solidarity in our pressuring the UK government as did Minister John Cortes. We had leaders from Senior citizens, groups, Felix Alvarez, Momy Levy, Jim Watt, Julio Pons, Our Opposition leader and GSD executives, so many of our supporters from all walks of life including some youth!

Emotional moments were explaining our aim and who we were to spanish and other tourists from other countries. People signing up on memberships to DOG. The interest by many was an inspiration.

I think there were two things that stand out in my mind - apart from our Governor's visit to us not once but twice. Thank you SIr! Thos two moments were our night time snoring orchestra and my falling down while doing a dance with Simy Herbert. No footage unless people donate enough to GBC to see me fall backwards like no one has ever done before and laugh for ages after!

So what had we achieved? We got our voices and aim heard! It was a great meet and greet to raise the issues that in the 21st Century we suffer still the bullying from a larger country who is not only in Nato but also in the EU and how everyone including UK government and the EU ignore our pleas to be heard and for the bullying to stop! We managed to get a cross section of society to agree on one thing no matter their political party differences! 

The understanding, motivation and support received was absolutely mind boggling. All the committee were humbled by the true spirit of our people - Gibraltarians at their best! 

Below are a few selection of photos to highlight our experience and would we do it again? Yes we would no matter our dry and burnt lips - tired and blistered feet, nose bleeds, cold nights, snoring etc Why? Cos we all love Gibraltar and want the best!

We have had enough of the bullying from Spain and the lack of action by UK government! We are also fed up of our Navy and Police not enforcing hte laws all because of someone not knowing or understanding the issues and making a decision which is illegal!! The law is for all if not for none!

We say no more incursions by Spanish Paramilitary in our waters! We say no more illegal fishing!


Anne-Marie Struggles

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