Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Spanish bullying goes another ridiculous level

The latest tactic - ridiculous actually

Today we have seen another shameful attack from Spain. This time it is not enough that we sign legal agreements about Tax Exchange Information Agreement - but now they expect us to sign only with the UK flag!


Wake up Spain we have our own flag, our own government, our own waters, our own land and our own people! We have had for over 300 years!

We signed agreements with India and Greece - 

Like someone on a Facebook group states 

"Why don’t we get the British Government to complain to Spain about the fact that the Spanish Flag Insignia displays the two pillars of Hercules, of which one is firmly in British Gibraltar and therefore EXTREMELY offensive to us!"
Spain would do better to fix their own issues in their own country!

Remember the days when Gibraltar was accused by Spanish media of being the drug capital of the area. here's the evidence of where it happens.....


Also not only drugs but tabacco: Guardia Civil arrested!

Detenido Guardia Civil en Tarifa.http://www.eldiariomontanes.es/agencias/20130130/mas-actualidad/nacional/detenido-guardia-civil-tarifa-dejar_201301301437.html


The general feeling is so strong at the lack of action by UK on the constant water incursions and the lack of respect for our laws at sea. Below is another frustrated person who expresses it all so well in another Facebook group 

"In today's Gib Chronicle there is yet another article reference to a Spanish warship spending 20 min on BGTW. The FCO says they will send "Another", yet of many, diplomatic protest to the Spanish Government. Well, I'm not going to say in Spanish, here, what Spain will do with the UKs diplomatic protest as its rude. It's seems that the UK doesn't realise that Spain, when it comes to Gibraltar, diplomacy is thrown out the window. What the UK should do, IMO, is take some sort of action and I'm not saying here a type of violent retaliation, but maybe where it hurts most, its weak economy, by sanctioning business and investments in Spain as an example, ( although I doubt that will happen) or take Spain to an E.U courts once and for all and challenge her arguments, reference to our waters, the validity of the Treaty of Utrecht ( though this should be done by as alone) "

On the fishing we are not the only ones complaining!

Spanish section of Oceana, the largest international ocean conservation group provides evidence to the European Union and denounces spain for illegal fishing being carried out in the waters off Majorca and Cabrera. 
According to the Europa Sur fishing vessel owners in Cadiz and Huelva want Pedro Maza (President of La Federación Andaluza de Asociaciones Pesqueras (FAAPE) , who was involved in the negotiations to solve the Spanish fishermen illegal fishing in our waters, to resign from his position for favouring the Barbate fishing association when assigning fishing quotas in Andalucia.

Now to finish off with some decent humour - watch this video we have done - if you do not know Spanish please get someone to translate it for you. It is really funny but true! The way Spain tries to distract the people in Spain from the real problems!


Enjoy and remember we will keep on the pressure and we want your support!

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