Thursday, 14 February 2013

The pressure is on.

Pressure will bring resolution.

Some people seem to forget the purpose of a pressure group. The key word here is "PRESSURE" This just means we will try and target different people at different times in standing up for Gibraltar.We are not affiliated to ANY political party or group. We are just normal people with one aim that is standing up to the bully that Spain as a country is reference Gibraltar. We know it is not going to be easy to expose Spain for what She is a BULLY! But we will continue and without fear! If it were an easy fight it would not be worth it!

Gibraltar is British and as such deserves the full support and protection from SPAIN! It is illegal the way that Spain treats us and worse the way UK government ignore our plight! We will continue to highlight each and every time we find out that Spain does something - increase in frontier queues, incursions in our waters, discriminating against our entry into any international recognized sport events etc.

If this were your country and you had the same bullying from a bigger country I am convinced you would not remain quiet! If UK can go to war to protect people in other countries - why can't UK come to Gibraltar and protect our waters? Why is UK bowing down continually to the enemy? Where is the roar from our UK government?

People in Gibraltar have been commenting about the problem being a local government one! Some of these people think that it is our Chief Minister who has to solve it by forcing the police to do their job. I must say I was a little shocked to hear those comments as in DEMOCRACY if he were to do that it would be a form of dictatorship or direct rule! The beauty of our democratic system is that we have institutions or regulatory boards that deal with those issues. So if you feel that the police are not doing their job complain then to the Police Authority as that is what they are there for. Name the person in your complain that you believe is not doing or allowing the police to do their job!

Our Chief Minister has worked with our Police Commissioner to find out what he needs to do his job or rather for his employees to do their job. Hence why new boats and training have been provided! So what is the excuse now from our Commissioner? He has his duty to perform and must allow his employees to do their job - if not let someone else do it before we have an incident at Sea!

The reality is that our Police Commissioner cannot choose to who enforce the law and who is exempt from our laws! The fundamental of Democracy in our society and elsewhere around the world is that the law is for all - that means everyone!

The police get paid a good wage to do their job - they already know the risks when they applied for the job - so there is no excuse that could ever be accepted! The Commissioner needs to wake up and smell the coffee in that respect! We all need to see and accept that yes all those in power have a job to play in issues affecting Gibraltar but everyone is accountable to different parts! We have had enough of petty excuses and everyone passes the problem around and trying to apportion blame to the wrong people! Even out opposition have their job and duty to keep pressure on the UK Government, the Navy, the Police and even our government and FCO and our Governor! Everyone has a part to play but in UNITY and together!

The sooner everyone realizes that they have to work together for the best of Gibraltar the better! This also include me and you and everyone else! Make the complaints if you feel the police are not doing their job - it is not acceptable that laws are not enforced! Government have given them what they asked for!

SO Police need to deal with the law enforcement part and the UK Government - Governor and FCO need to do their part in stopping the constant incursions in our waters by the Guardia Civil - Spanish Para MIlitary group!

To Mr Hague and Mr Cameron and our Commodore John Clink and our Governor - we hold you responsible to protect our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, air and land! IF there are any incidents or deaths caused at sea because people are fed up and want to do the job that is yours to do - we will hold you accountable for neglecting your responsibility!

No more blaming our Government - they did what was correct removing an agreement that over rode a law - that was unacceptable  Yes maybe in hindsight it could have been removed in a more organised way but the reality is the illegal agreement is now not there and now we want our laws enforced to all!

Allow me to reiterate - this issue is not about FISHING it is about the SOVEREIGNTY of our WATERS to which you the UK government are responsible!

Look at the evidence of the video taken on Tuesday then say this is not an issue for UK to solve! -

Also read our Chief Minister's speech to the Falkands COnference read out by Samantha Sacramento -
Anne-Marie Struggles

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