Monday, 4 February 2013

Today we saw Spain's bullying in Full swing!

Today's bullying came by not only at Sea but also by land in form of queues!

We had more fishermen fishing illegally and the Guardia Civil provoking as always.
But we had Frontier Queues also today.
We have not had queues this long for cars for some time now! We have seen a couple of bad days for motor bikes but all in all Spain has behaved. Well until today! 

So Defenders of Gibraltar were there to keep to our message - Short and Sweet and to the point!


Today the queues were 2 hours and in fact we were there for over 3 hours until the queues had gone. 

Let me stress that today we were also harassed by the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional! They came up to the fence to take photos and to intimidate us!

We did not lower to that threats we continued to monitor and capture how they create the queues and found it due to searching the green lane!

About a half an hour or more later we get a visit from our RGP asking us to move after we discussed that we were not breaking any laws we stayed put! We had to as we had now an audience of Guardia Civils starring and enjoying the RGP talking to us. We live in a democracy and are a peaceful  pressure group and our message is clear! No Queues = No Photos!

Our Audience that came to watch our RGP visit to tell us to move! So as we were not breaking any laws we showed true democracy in action - we stayed and continued to take photos of how they create queues by searching in the green lane!

So we did what we do as a pressure group and applied the pressure and reminded the Guardia Civils and Policia Nacional that we have not gone away and we will always be here if they continue to cause queues on purpose!

However, the whole situation with our RGO left a bitter taste in our palate! We who do not break the law had a talking to but we have FISHERMEN FISHING ILLEGALLY EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT!

IF that is not antagonizing the people of Gibraltar then what is?

Why try to intimidate a pressure group but do nothing about the illegal fishing and water incursions done by our neighbours in our waters?

People of Gibraltar - remember law is for all if not for none! Also please note and rest assured if there is no queue Defenders of Gibraltar are not there and do not take photos!

We stand by our motto - NO QUEUES EQUALS NO PHOTOS!
Panorama Report
RGP accuse Defenders of antagonising
Guardia Civil and to move away from

PANORAMA exclusive
by Leo Olivero

On Monday evening the Guardia Civil decided to embark on yet another extensive and unnecessary search of vehicles leaving Gibraltar causing the usual traffic chaos and delay stretching all the way along Devil’s Tower Road and beyond.

As is now customary when traffic takes over an hour to cross the frontier, a situation that triggers the Defenders of Gibraltar (DOG) into action. They then descend on the frontier armed with photographic and recording equipment and information leaflets, which they hand out to stressed out motorists caught up in the traffic bedlam explaining to them exactly why all this is happening.

Panorama spoke with DOG who informed us that they had arrived at the frontier at about 6pm which by then traffic queues were over two hours long. DOG members then spread themselves out as usual, either distributing leaflets or standing by the frontier fence taking photographs particularly of the Guardia Civil who were stopping and searching most vehicles on the (so called nothing to declare) green lane.

DOG say that during this time the Guardia Civil commenced their now also customary intimidating and threatening tactics towards the group, with calling of names and then coming up close to the frontier and taking photos of DOG members with mobile phones, also some Guardia Civil officers also allegedly making obscene gestures towards group members.

Guardia Civil Complain To RGP – DOG Then Told To Move From Frontier

DOG informed us that at one point an RGP inspector approached the group and informed them that they were ‘antagonising the situation at the frontier and told them to move away from the area of the frontier fence’. Dog informed Panorama that they flatly told the police that they would not move. At which point DOG members noticed that as the police inspector was talking to them a group of about 6 to 8 Guardia Civil officers had huddled in a group attentively watching the RGP talking to the group.

The group then asked the RGP officer if they had received a complaint from the Guardia Civil to which the RGP officer confirmed that they had, saying that if DOG moved away the queues would move faster because their presence was antagonising the Guardia Civil!

DOG informed Panorama that they were annoyed at the RGP because all they were doing was to peacefully monitor the occurrences at the frontier, keeping their integrity throught-out, they were not violent at all or breaking any laws. Unlike the Guardia Civil who had constantly threatened them (as they normally do) all night.

The Defenders of Gibraltar also felt a sense of indignance towards the police were all official and quick off of the mark to move them away (for doing nothing) from the frontier because the Guardia Civil of all people complained to them of their presence. But say that when the Guardia Civil themselves are committing and breaking laws the RGP are happy to put up with and do nothing themselves to stem the daily infringements to locals laws by the Spanish fishermen and Guardia Civil out in the bay and at the eastside.

DOG did say that the same officer who had told them to leave the frontier area on Monday night was the same one who in a similar incident in Nov/Dec had also verbally clashed with the group - for exactly the same reason!

I remember writing about that the previous incident late last year and warning or advising the police to tread carefully in the current circumstances. And now, the situation is much tenser then it was, say, 2 or 3 months ago.

People Think Spaniards Have An Amnesty To Break Local Laws!

Many people believe the Police, Government and Convent/Foreign Office have actually given the Spanish Fishermen and the Guardia Civil some kind of amnesty to break all local laws.

Personally I have said countless times that I understood the politics behind the policing aspect to this issue. But unofficial amnesties cause general condemnation whoever they are, as the implications are too stark: an individual(s) breaks the law, which binds us all, and then is let off from the consequences of the breach. That is unjust on two tests: treating equals unequally and not punishing a breach!

The law applies to all but, if the authorities/executive or as in this case politics intervene and then make it not apply to only some, it creates a situation that can’t be good.

People question why the Executive should do that. We worry about the lesson this teaches those in our society with a propensity to disregard the law. We also importantly worry about the reputation of Gibraltar in the eyes of other democratic countries when laws are being openly broken and nothing is being done about it.

We all assume that laws bind everyone to maintain equality, harmony, predictability and, ultimately, justice. At the moment, Gibraltar laws are not being applied equally for whatever (political) reason. This in my opinion cannot go on for much longer or indefinitely, because some how some way ‘the sleeping social monster will awake’ .

If those people or entities here in Gibraltar or the UK cannot see the potential of a serious backlash from society - then they are not reading the same radar I am presently monitoring!


Anne-Marie Struggles 

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