Sunday, 3 February 2013

Incursions and Cat and Mouse again!

Cat and mouse - if Governor and FCO do nothing we will have an international incident soon!

Our Committee Member Tommy Finalayson wrote:

Unbelievable what I have just witnessed, 12.20 GC RHIB and RN RHIB where both seen speeding in parallel courses to each other heading South in the bay. Spanish RHIB near the median line and RN at around 600 metres from our moles. The RN RHIB slowed down and came to a stop away from GC view behind a tanker. The GC RHIB all of a sudden changed course and headed straight to where the RN RHIB was and rocked them as they sped past as if to say go on chase me if you dare. The Guardia Civil sped off in the direction of the Port of Algeciras. The photos where taken immediately after it's cheeky challenge. The RN Rhib followed it up to the median line and then sped back to base. No radio warnings were given.

Wake up Commodore John Clink!

Anne-Marie Struggles 

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