Monday, 18 February 2013

Laws not being enforced

Laws not being enforced.

Unfortunately the UK government are the ones calling for restraint in enforcing the laws at sea. 

Our Royal Gibraltar Police and our Navy are losing credibility fast in our society by their lack of action.

We are seeing an increase of the Spanish Bullying against Gibraltar and now more from the everyday spanish tourist who comes to Gibraltar and now thinks they are above the law!

Our Government, our Opposition, our Governor, our Foreign Commonwealth Office and our UK Government must see the dangers that they are now imposing on us as a society and all must work together to ensure that the laws our laws are applied to everyone equally - no matter who they are or what nationality they are!

We have a few examples below that will surely shock all countries - we have a spanish vessel that comes to Gibraltar even without documentation on the people on the boat as if they were entering Spain and not another country Gibraltar! This lady had no ID on her and as such was taken down to the Police Station.

We then have Spanish fishermen who are not allowed to fish from their beaches coming to our beaches and not only fishing but also camping on our beach - which by the way not even our people are allowed to put a camping tent on the beach!

It took numerous calls to get our Police to do something about both incidents. How can the Spanish people be above the law in Gibraltar? How can our Police choose to who they apply or enforce the laws to?

This opens up a big can of worms in our society and the tension grows stronger as each day passes and we see the laws broken in our land and at Sea.

There has even been an increase in the Spanish tourists shouting out at our people that Gibraltar is Spanish and one day we will have an incident with these people!

So once again we call on our Commissioner of Police Mr Yome to enforce the laws at Sea and now on our land with the Spanish people making a joke of our laws!

We also will reiterate that UK Government Mr Hague, Mr Cameron and Mr Lidngton have to do their duty and protect us from the Spanish incursions in our waters by the paramilitary Guardia Civil.

Already today we have had another 2 incursions in our waters and yet no action! AS tensions rise we demand action from UK Government we are British Citizens and deserve the same protection as given to the Falkland Islands! No more no less!

We will hold you accountable for any incidents by your lack of action!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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