Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Caught on Video!

Guardia Civil caught on Video trying to exercise Jurisdiction in our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters

Why our FCO - Governor or Navy do nothing is beyond us! We have enough proof to show illegal incursions and the latest one caught on video - THE PARA MILITARY EXERCISING JURISDICTION IN OUR WATERS!

Commodore John Clink - what the heck are you doing? If you are not going to do your job that is protecting the integrity of our BGTW's then we call for you to return from where you came!

We have enough people doing nothing but getting paid to do nothing! That only adds insult to injury! The worst none of those in power have the courage to admit to the people of Gibraltar who is the person responsible for the non action!

While all these people get fat wage packets doing a job they always knew the risks for - the Spanish Fishermen and the Guardia Civil get away with breaking the law day in and day out!

Look at the video - We caught the Spanish Guardia Civil in our waters & doing what no other country in the world would allow -jurisdiction

Now people think about this carefully - if Argentina did this in the waters around Falkland would UK tolerate it? IF it was in UK waters would they tolerate it? Canada? America? Morroco? China? Japan? Russia? Germany?

You all know the answer a big fat NO! Would they do something about it - YES! SO why the heck are UK and FCO and our Governor and our Commodore and our RGP and our Government doing nothing?

We deserve protection - we deserve action - we deserve our laws to be enforced to ALL. Commissioner of Police take NOTE! 

We the people of GIBRALTAR have RIGHTS! We have VOICES! We have CHOICES!

Defenders of Gibraltar are NOT going away and we will stand up and raise our indignation at the lack of action of all those people in power who are doing NOTHING!

Wake up Britain! Wake up and do your job - you are accountable to 30,000 people who are not being protected -  

Anne-Marie Struggles

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