Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Some more letters to show feeling in Gibraltar

 What is happening?

People are fed up of the lack of action by the Royal Navy, FCO and RGP and our Government. Those in the position of power are losing credibility fast.

Questions people are asking are:

Why is the law nto applied to the fishingmen by our RGP?
Where is the fishing report?
What has FCO done about the feeling of ten thousand people who signed the petition?
Why is the Governor doing nothing?
Is everyone in power waiting for an international incident?
Does DOG or others need to go out at sea to enforce the law?
Where is the opposition on this?
How can the people show more disgust than they currently do at this situation wher ethe law does NOT apply to all!

One letter in the vox below:


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The United Nations was set up to "stop wars between countries" and here we are today with a discredited extreme right-wing Spanish government

Dear Sir

 I cannot for the life of me understand how the Spanish dispute over
Gibraltar could ever have been allowed to see the light of day at the United Nations in the 1960s, when the idiotic sovereignty claim came from none other than a disgusting dictator.

 Did the United Nations not know Gibraltar was ceded in perpetuity? What else can there possibly be to argue about?
 The United Nations was set up to "stop wars between countries" and here we are today with a discredited extreme right-wing Spanish government (more extremist than its founder, Franco, and as discredited), with the most embarrassing track record of alleged fraud, one which reneges on agreements and spoiling for a fight they will eventually find.
 How can the Spanish claim on Gibraltar by what can only be described as coming from people with no good intentions, be taken seriously at any international forum of any sort, and should Spanish politicians not be expelled from such bodies until they act in a democratic manner and respect international laws?
 The francoist ruling party in Spain has even given rise to their own judges having to resort to form an "Asociacion de Jueces para la Democracia" (Association of Judges for Democracy) given the erosion of their immature democracy.

 As far as Gibraltar is concerned, when are the constant incursions going to be brought to the attention of the United Nations Security Council?
 When is the sovereignty claim going to be dismissed when everyone by now must know Gibraltar was ceded in perpetuity and there is nothing to talk about, and when is someone going to challenge the stupid EU erroneous designation of our waters in ignorance that Spain had signed the United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Seas?
 The senselessness of it all!
 When is somebody going to wake up from the drunken stupor and put an end to this?

 Yours faithfully

 Isabella Caruana


Comment from our Spokesperson Gareth Gingell after the incident we had yesterday with our own RGP beding backwards to please Guardia Civil!


Today members of the Defenders of Gibraltar deployed to the Frontier after reported queues in excess of 2 hours. Leaflets were distributed and photographs were taken of the Guardia Civil, who had been harassing and insulting 2 female members and 1 male member of the DoG through the fence.

In all fairness, this comes with the role - when the Defenders of Gibraltar deploy to the frontier they fully expect harassment from the Guardia Civil. We simply take it in our stride and hold the moral higher ground by keeping silent and simply responding with a click of the camera lens.

However today has been slightly troubling. During queues in excess of 2 hours, the 3 DoG members were approached by a member of the RGP (who shall remain nameless) who had received a complaint by the Guardia Civil. The individual requested that the members of the Defenders of Gibraltar move away from the fence area and distribute leaflets, saying that the queues could be our fault. The individual himself confirmed that it was the Guardia Civil who had complained - indeed it seemed the whole troop of Guardia Civil members had come out of the office fully expecting to see us off. Needless to say, we reiterated the simple fact that we were peacefully documenting and that no laws were being broken as included in previous legal advice we had obtained. The legal advice we have received previously is the reason we wear high visibility vests and have an earmark for the circumstances when we deploy to the frontier.

Now I don't know about you, but when there are queues of 2 hours at 2030 hours on a Monday night, the escalation is already there and the illegal restriction of frontier flow needs to be documented in the appropriate manner. Needless to say we stood our ground peacefully and continued by the fence after explaining that no laws were being broken to the individual form the RGP. This is a worrying development - RGP bending over to made up complaints from the Guardia Civil? Worrying indeed......

To reiterate our strategy:


Anne-Marie Struggles 

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