Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So what is next?

The next step?

Well we all now need to keep up the pressure on all these people who have a responsibility:

UK Government as per our constitution they are accountable to protect the integrity of our waters around our Rock of Gibraltar.
Our Foreign Commonwealth Office for the same reason.

Our message is very clear - if you cannot or will not do your duty then go and let someone else who has the capability to do what is right!

Watch the interview from our Spokesperson Gareth Gingell - http://www.yourgibraltartv.com/

Our demand is clear we want the same protection that is offered daily to the Falkland Islands - no more no less! The same! 

How can two thousand people on the Falkland Island mean more to our United Kingdom Government than our THIRTY THOUSAND citizens in GIBRALTAR! WE are not only British but loyal! 

David Cameron - William Hague - We hold you accountable for any deaths or incidents at sea due to your continual lack of action!

Let me tell you a sad thing we can all see each dare due to your weakness in standing up to Spain!

The Spanish People are getting braver and I do not mean the Guardia Civil or the National Police there. I mean their people like you and me who once had respect when they entered Gibraltar - now are so bold that they come in and SHOUT for everyone to hear - Gibraltar is Spanish!

The tensions are rising as each day goes by and nothing is done to enforce the laws! The worrying thing is that this new behaviour on our land is due to YOU people who just sit in your offices and think you know but the reality is you know NOTHING about us!

So by staying ignorant you are making big mistakes that will cause more negative behaviour and in which Gibraltarians and supporters of our plight cannot continue to be quiet and we will not only expose your lack of protecting us - our land and our sea and our air - we will hold you accountable to any incident at sea or land or air that is linked to any negative behaviour that has arisen and grown all due to the non action from yourselves!

Remember we have a voice - a choice and a right to demand that you as our UK government stop playing games with us and our future! You really need to come to Gibraltar to see us before things get worse!

Never have we known the tension to be so high in our land, air and sea! The most disgusting about this is that it is all your fault! From the moment there was an incursion at Sea you should have done what you would do if it were UK or the Falklands! But somehow someone in your cabinet is seeing fit to please Spain no matter the costs to us as the people!

We will remind you again - GIBRALTAR belongs to the people! Gibraltar is BRITISH!

Just because we have the beauty and the privilege to be bilingual and can alternate between the languages so fluently and freely - DOES NOT MAKE US SPANISH OR EVER WANT TO BE SPANISH!

We challenge you to come to GIBRALTAR and speak and get to know your people here! 

Wechallenge you to be bold enough to stand up for BRITISH GIBRALTAR! 

WE the Defenders of Gibraltar invite you to come and also meet with us!

Ask yourself this - if the incursions below should continue? Would you allow it if it were in UK or the Falklands? Come on and stop shunning us as a people and as a country!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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