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Latest You Tube on what Spain wishes to do to Gibraltar

 More "Spread of hate" by Spain and its people to Gibraltar!

The latest video on you tube from Gibraltar Espanol group - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyeZb00rQPg

IF there was ever a doubt in anyones mind about how much some Spanish people go around sharing hatred this one has to be the worst ever!

The spanish group - Gibraltar Espanol has made this youtube video known to all on their group etc. The video is done by this group - http://www.youtube.com/user/UltraDerecha66?feature=watch

Read the panorama write up on this today


Spanish online group spreads anti-Gibraltar
hate and violence

by Leo Olivero
The Online Spanish Ultra-Right Facebook Group ‘Gibraltar Español’ (GE) appears to be copying many terrorists, racists and hate groups who openly use online social network sites to spread their ferocious and brutal hate, but in their case it is mostly against Gibraltar and its people!

Not for the first time this sick Spanish social facebook group has used the internet to further their demented anti-Gibraltar hate campaign across the internet.

Last year on YouTube, ‘GE’ posted a computerised produced video depicting a full-scale military invasion of the Rock. Recently this sick band of fascist’s bigots, have put together another production, which they again released on YouTube.
Latest Video is Again About Destroying and Annihilating Gibraltar!

The latest video shows a peaceful looking Gibraltar from across the Gibraltar Bay, suddenly the noise of an approaching missile screeching across the sky is heard, the on-coming fully loaded missile clearly locked-on to eliminate the Rock. The missile then impacts on Gibraltar with the intended devastation and destruction!

Running on nationalist and often racist platforms, far right ultra groups like ‘GE’ go about distributing this kind of material clearly promoting the current Spanish unadulterated hate for Gibraltar, which is also clearly manifesting itself daily from the central government in Madrid.

Their Hate is All About Fear, Stupidity, Jealously and Ignorance’

Although it’s difficult, but if you think about it philosophically, you have to feel sorry for people who make up groups like Gibraltar Espanol. Some may ask, why do they hate us so much? Easy to answer ‘they Hate us because of Fear, Stupidity, Jealously and Ignorance’

Most of those who contemplate harm like the GE group are not only cowards, but have a very limited view of reality. Commonly these people have been strongly, indoctrinated into a particular religion of belief. One in which they have never questioned the truth or the reality of what they believe. They believe simply because someone else told them what to believe. These people also confuse reality with beliefs about reality!

The internet is a wonderful thing, computers and technology and all. I’ve embraced it like the many other billions around the world. But it has also become a way for ignorant, uneducated people to spew all their hate and vent and all their frustrations.

Spreading The Hate Ideology

The proliferation of the internet in the lives of today’s society raises all these new possibilities for this medium’s use by groups and individuals preaching hate and intolerance. At present, ‘Gibraltar Espanol’ has over 27,000 followers. Which in the context of size only is one to be reckoned with. Here, is where I flag my concern!
The GE facebook mission statement sounds as if it is prepared to do anything with the right-minded people on board; it says ‘the object of the group is to bring together committed people with one cause of achieving a ‘Spanish Gibraltar’. This group was created to collect ideas and effective (real) measures regarding Gibraltar’

Those like me, who monitor these kind of anti-Gibraltar hate groups express concern, that groups like GE use of the Internet to recruit new followers and link other like-minded groups, may in fact make them more influential in spreading their message, potentially making them more dangerous. The potential danger comes when these messages fall on the ears of some sick nutter(s) who may contemplate taking some form of violent action!

Keeping GE Activities Firmly on the Local Radar!

I also know of one or two other similar Spanish groups, although not as extreme as GE, who are totally anti-the-Rock and who follow on the similar lines and example as the PP Government in Madrid. The Spanish Government in my view is largely to blame for the increased and totally negative perception of Gibraltar that exists in Spain today.

From a Gibraltar perspective, one hopes that the authorities here are keeping more than an eye on their activities and also in trying to put a legal stop to the vengeful, violent and hateful campaign against Gibraltar by the Gibraltar Español group!

Some of the leading GE group members are known, to also frequently come to Gibraltar at all hours particularly when there is a local story of interest to them. Like the ‘Cadena Ser’ live radio programme recently held at the Elliot’s Hotel when they were present throughout.

I would like to say one thing to these individuals in who as I said keep a daily check on all the news in Gibraltar. I say before making plans or of taking any measure to recover Gibraltar for your nation, make some serious efforts to sort out the totally corrupt political class in your own country. Those who have not only bankrupt the whole Spanish nation but also responsible for the suffering of countless millions of your countrymen.



If ever the tensions were high after seeing this video it is higher - we all need to report this video as a hate crime and against humanity! 

In todays day and age this should never have been allowed to be uploaded! This is a crime and leads only to more hatred and higher tensions. We need UK to step up the pressure on Spain before it is too late!

We hold accountable the UK Government and in particular Mr Hague, Mr Cameron and Mr Lidington for the lack of action that is spreading the hate to be made more apparent! Your lack of action is making illegal action on US the people of Gibraltar from Spain and its people but especially its Government that allows this behavior! 

Anne-Marie Struggles 

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