Sunday, 24 February 2013

Food for thought!

Food for thought

In the last week we have suffered more incursions in our waters by the Spanish Para Miltary Guradia Civil.

We have had more queues created on purpose by the Guardia Civil at the border. Actually one day was due to the Policia Nacional and the other day the queue was caused by the Guardia Civil doing document checks in the green lane - that is the nothing to declare lane!

We have also had the Spanish fishermen who cannot keep to the truth of what is happening. One group says they have no money and the other make a press statement that they have done extremely well with the fishing in the last few months. 

The link below shows that they the proof from Spain's own press reports - La Linea fishing fleet capture 1,258.806 kilos of fish worth 1.4 million Euros in 2012 . 
Yet we know they claim they are in ruins so that they can get the EU funding they get!

One Group from Algeciras states the issue in Gibraltar not allowing them to fish has affected them and the other group from La Linea admit it is not Gibraltar's fault but their own Spanish Government! SMOKE SCREENS for sure.

We have the Spanish Para Military Guard Civil entering our waters and this is the big and real problem and no country in the world would accept this and as such no one can expect us to accept it either! 

Bank Fraud and money laundering - read it from Spain's own newspapers - at least 1 prison officer and 1 Guardia Civil out of the 83 persons involved

Spain has no jurisdiction in our waters!

What we do see is all words - truth or untruths! For certain we all know that the Spanish fishermen are being used as puppets by their government and used to deter from the real problems and crisis in Spain.

We have Spain accusing us in Gibraltar of being a place of fraud and corruption but hey read the papers in the last few days and astonishingly the corruption is by their own Guardia Civil in different parts of Spain.

Below more disgraceful behaviour by the Spanish Para Miliatary - Five Guardia Civils involved in a Drug Trafficking - cocaine ring see link below:

Worse to come as news come out with the latest - 

Mexican Drug Cartels Eye Spain As Their New Home

So I think Spain should focus on the problems they have and stop trying to cause and be problems for Gibraltar!

The problems we have are:

***Lack of action from the Foreign Commonwealth Office to the Spanish Para Military Guardia Civil who enter our waters armed!

***Lack of action by our Commander of the British Forces in protecting the Integrity of our British Territorial Waters! This is John Clink.

***Lack of law enforcement to the spanish fishermen in our waters

***The delay in the Fishing Report being made public by our Government.

***Lack of law enforcement to the Spanish cars who now break our laws on hte road more blatantly.

***The lack of unity by our Opposition for Our Government in standing up to the bully that Spain is! The fact that they rather return to an illegal agreement from 1999 that overruled the laws - something never seen before! No persons or groups are above the law! If the law applies to our people it has to apply to everyone else!

We all need to unite and stand together and not ignore the many different ways Spain bullies us daily - in our sport - in our sea - in our land - in our air - in the media etc etc.

Spain has to accept that GIBRALTAR is NOT Spanish and NEVER will be - as we have the choice - we have the right and we have the voice to decide!

We have chosen for over 300 years not to be SPANISH!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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