Saturday, 16 February 2013

The incursions by Guardia Civil

The Incursions.

During the last week we have spoken to so many people - here in Gibraltar and from afar. It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to speak about the country we love and live in! When we talk about the problems facing Gibraltar unfortunately everyone seems to think it is the FISHING. 

So today I would like to clarify this. Gibraltar was given to UK over 300 years ago. What Spain did not expect is that UK would make a pearl out of this gift and took advantage of the great potential it had and still has today in the prime location in the med sea.

Spain also underestimated the people that were going to be born and bred in this Gibraltar of ours. We have fought through so much and have a great history. We even stood up to the UK government who at one time not so long ago even discriminated against us the local people! IN many areas and departments on the rock the local people were treated like 3rd class citizens and paid low pay - for goodness sake there were even separate toilets for the English and the locals!

But the people- us the Gibraltarians were born, fought, survived and have grown. We have not only grown in numbers but we have grown in who we are and what we stand for! We have Latin blood that makes us more determined never to give up! 

The one reason we survived the frontier closure by Franco the dictator from Spain was our pride as a people! We will never be defeated and were not! While Spain went through many conflicts we thrived as never before! We united as a people and we prospered! Even when UK cut down all their resources and closed the dockyard - despite all that we thrived and survived.

We have been loyal to UK - her Majesty and Government - we are more British that many other British country or people! We have all played our part in defending our country and our UK Government and Her Majesty! We have had good and bad Governors and leaders but we grew and prospered!

We are bilingual by birth and in fact many of us have one other language - mainly this is due to our culture having a community of Jewish, Indian and Morrocan as an integral part of our society.

So what is our problem? Spain is our problem? Why?  Spain has regretted giving away Gibraltar when they saw our survival and our growth and prosperity! Spain dislikes and in fact hates that we DO NOT  WANT TO BE Spanish!

Gibraltar belongs to the people and can never be sold or given away without the consent of the people of Gibraltar. They hate the fact that we have survived and worse still are united in who we are and what we want. We have made clear we are Gibraltarians and British! 

We have refused to agree to bilateral talks with our Government but we have agreed that although we are not for sale or to give away we would join in Tri lateral talks so that we can enjoy a better and stronger relationship and understanding. Relationship was getting better until the Spanish Government changed from being a socialist government to a conservative one. Since this new government came into power they have increased their bullying tactics to Gibraltar! They have increased frontier queues by stopping cars in the green lane - the lane that it nothing to declare! They have done incursions in our waters by their para military - Guardia Civil -  who think they can exercise JURISDICTION in our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters!
They keep mixing politics with sport and have hindered our representation in international events as Gibraltar - one such disgusting one was snatching the Gibraltar flag in a parade for a sport event from a nine year old Gibraltarian child for a sport event!

There are many other illogical moves that Spain has done to try to hinder us as a people and as a country! What has made it worse is that our UK Government have and are not standing up for the 30,000 British citizens who have been loyal for over 300 years! Why? That is what we would like to know!

When Argentina harasses The Falklands our UK Government reacts immediately! Why? We ask that question day in and day out and come out with only one logical answer - they have OIL and we do not! Talk about hypocrisy - that is our UK Government! They continue to shun us and turn a blind eye to the bullying tactics from SPAIN! 
UK Government has according to our constitution from 2006 the sole responsibility of our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and our air! So UK Government must stop this diplomacy as without action means and does nothing!

Due to this attitude and stand of no action the UK Government are the ones to blame on the tensions rising in Gibraltar with the people! We are fed up that the British lion is purring instead of roaring! We have a right to be protected, we have a voice and we have a choice! It is our democratic right that we call into account the lack of action by our UK Government!

UK must stand up and put actions with their words! Spain's para military Guardia Civil come into our waters day in and day out more times we can count! With the tensions rising our people will end up taking the protection of our waters into their own hands! This is not right or fair that the pressure is on the people to try and stand up to the bully that Spain is!

Spain continues to BULLY because UK DOES NOT defend us!

We hold David Lidington, David Cameron and William Hague responsible and accountable for any incident caused by their lack of action!
Please people around the WORLD join us to shame UK on the lack of action in protecting their people! We are 30,000 and in THE Falklands there are only 2,000 - why does the UK Government continue to refuse to defend our land, sea and air? Why is oil more important than the people of Gibraltar?

We call on John Clink the Commander of the British Forces in Gibraltar to do his job and protect us! You have the power and the authority to stop the Guardia Civil in our waters.

People of the world this issue is not about fishing that is a small and minor part - the big part is the Spanish Para Military entering our waters!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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