Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The way forward - stop incursions!

What we all want - UK to Stop the Spanish incursions!

Despite what political party everyone supports or not - one thing is absolutely clear - we all want the best for Gibraltar.

This past weekend we saw for the first time in a very long time the people of Gibraltar and the leaders of parties and other pressure groups come and show solidarity! Do not read this wrongly not all those that visited us agree with everything we do but hey we are a pressure group and our heart is in the right place! Also at least we are doing something and we put actions with our words. My challenge to some Facebook warriors is what are you doing about how things are? Talking is easy!

If we look back in history around the world - we have advanced not because of governments but by the power of the people! Women have a right to vote - if it were left to the governments this would never have happened. People from all cultures and races are now accepted - not because of governments but because the people believed in this equality and fought for it! We have a cause we have an aim - TO STAND UP FOR OUR GIBRALTAR! This will continue no matter who is leading UK or Gibraltar.

That is who we are - normal people with convictions standing up for what we believe in - no more no less. We are a pressure group and we know we cannot please everyone and we will not even try!

Having had support shown by our leaders in government and those in opposition and those of other pressure groups was awesome.

This support was a great outcome since there was a call from many people to see unity on the issue of the incursions. Yes in hindsight everyone can criticize the present government and even the past government. But this will not get us anyway! We had local Facebook groups asking during the weekend and where is this leader or that leader? Then they came. Unfortunately we cannot please everyone! But our aim is only one to fight for our rights - our voice and our choice about any bullying from Spain and lack of action from UK.

Some tweets during the weekend went so far as accusing us of being against Britain which was surprising as we are not - however we are clear on who is responsible for what part in Gibraltar and I suggest that person to read our constitution of 2006.

For our readers from around the world I will hopefully clarify this call on Britain to do her duty.

More illegal raking and a Stand Off with Rio Paz and R.G.P Interceptor, Royal Navy and Sir William Jackson Present.....At 10:29 Hrs the Guardia Civil Vessel Rio Paz entered Gibraltar waters to protect illegal Spanish Fishing vessels, There were 3 Raker's at Catalan Bay 50 Metres from shore and 1 Raker at Eastern Beach just off by 40 Metres from runway. At 12:00 Hrs Hms Schimitre left Base and proceeded by Sir William Jackson at 12:10 Hrs. At 12:50 Hrs the Rio Paz made its way in to shore as R.G.P Interceptor vessel had arrived at the scene, The Rio Paz Had a stand off with R.G.P lasting a few good minutes or so 50 metres from the Beach. HMS Schimitre Sent its first warning and Sir William Jackson was observing from a distance. Rio Paz eventually left the scene and the Fishing vessels were allowed to Fish By !3:15 Hrs all police presence disappeared and left the Fishing vessels Alone continuing raking.

Our constitution states that the local Government is responsible for local issues and the police to enforce the law. However, when there is an issue to do with protecting our external affairs and the sovereignty of our waters as in our sea, air and land - this belongs solely to the UK Government! 

So based this we know and now challenge our UK Government to do their duty in protecting our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters.

Now about the "Fishing" issue let us please note confuse the two issues. The first is endangering who we are and what is ours! The Fishing is a side effect of the non protecting by UK Government of our waters, air and land! Also lack of action for the people of Gibraltar who are British Citizens!

So we have a situation where our laws are under the nature protection act being broken daily by Spanish Fishermen at least hundred times a day. Here this needs to be resolved by our Royal Gibraltar Police and there is no doubt that they are not doing their job! Also the Royal Navy is not doing their job in keep out the para military Guardia Civil from our sea!

So we have two disrespects from the bully that Spain is - a dangerous one from their para military and a lesser dangerous one by their FISHERMEN who are but puppets for their government who are playing on their need to work!

Look at the photo below the boat on the edge of our land by our sea - would you tolerate this?

Can you see how close they get !!!!!

So let us be clear we are not against anyone but we call into account all those who have the power to resolve the two issues. So yes we call UK government - our Navy - Our Foreign Office - Our Royal Gibraltar Police and our government and opposition. Why? Cos each and everyone of those in power have a duty to us and to WORK together for our security and safety!

We live in a democracy and it is a wonderful thing - but when we have incursions and law being broken by foreign fishermen on laws we locals cannot break - it is a dangerous position to be in! Society needs to see the law enforced to all and that means everyone no matter who they are or where they come from! Laws being enforced is the fundamental core of our society that holds us all together! This is what stops the stronger people feeding of the weaker ones! 

Britain yesterday - Mr Hague actually made a call for Argentina not to bully the Falklands but not for us when we are suffering incursions in our waters and many forms of bullying and he has never made a statement like this one -  -


Europe is also now putting the same pressure on The Falklands like they do to us! Why should you meet with someone about your Country when all they want is to claim it? 
So for example if you refuse to sell your house why should you have to meet to discuss a price?

Let us all be clear Gibraltar is united in our stand against the bullying from Spain! We are not against UK Government, or the Navy or the FCO or our Police or our Government but our pressure is for all to put the pressure on UK Government together to do their duty!

We are also not against the people of Spain - what we are against is the continuous disregard for our laws and our wishes! We are against the Spanish Government claim to our land, sea, air and people!

No matter how big Spain is we will continue to fight and stand up against the constant bullying tactics done to us. We have to forget our political affiliation as individuals and unite and work together for the best of OUR GIBRALTAR!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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