Friday, 1 March 2013

Let us not lose sight or focus!

What we must never lose sight of.

The actual problem in our British Territorial waters is only ONE problem. Gibraltar is not the problem! The Guardia Civil entering our waters are the PROBLEM and that is our ISSUE!
This problem is NOT being tackled by our UK Government which is clearly stated in our constitution to be their RESPONSIBILITY!

Let us not put down or try to water down the importance of the Spanish Paramilitary incursions in our Waters! 
This is totally unacceptable for any country to be suffering and experiencing!

The policing of our waters and any laws being broken at a local level with no Guardia Civil presence is a separate issue that the Police need to get a firmer grip. Also as we await the Fishing report and recommendations let us not lose the real focus of the issue at hand.

It is no good to try and put the blame on one political party or another. The situation we are in anyone in hindsight could say we could have or should have etc. Nothing will change the problem we are facing with that talk and it leads only to division and more scaremongering.

We have to avoid falling into the political trap of trying to justify actions taken or not taken.
The reality is one problem and that one problem only – The Spanish Government will continue to bully and harass us no matter what! Today it could be our sport involvement, tomorrow our bunkering, the next tobacco smuggling, the next our financial centre etc.

We all know the truth Spain continues to claim our Country and until such time that they drop their claim they will do whatever they can, need or are allowed to do to bully us into submission.

We are not against the people of Spain we are against the way the Spanish Government makes decisions that turn out to be bullying the people of Gibraltar from all sides!
So let us all see the truth for what it is – Gibraltar is British and Spain has never got over this! 

Spain is in a crisis and as always the Spanish Government has to find ways to change the focus on the problems in Spain so instead raise the topic of Gibraltar. The Spanish Government knows that the people will be distracted very easily with this and it then buys them some time to try and sort out other issues without the public eye on them!

Gibraltar is unique for sure! The people of Gibraltar are also unique so unless you really research the country and the people you will never understand the real problem. The problem is simple and easy to understand – a country that is larger by size and people must never be allowed to oppress another smaller country! 
So we say No to Intimidation and NO To bullying from Spain and we stand up for our rights as a people from a small but beautiful country that Gibraltar is! We say NO to incursions by Spanish Para Military in our British Gibraltar Territorial Waters!
We are small and friendly but will we not give in our identity or nationality! We do not accept bullying in any shape or form!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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