Friday, 1 February 2013

Lack of action = more bullying

Lack of action only leads to more bullying from Spain

We have some cartoons and pictures to show our strength of feeling that no action is being done.

The people of Gibraltar deserve the same protection as the Falklands actually more-so as we are 30,000 British Citizens!

The continual action of words is equal to doing nothing at all! What is the respect being given to the people of Gibraltar that handed a petition of 10,000 signatures calling for more action?

Gibraltar belongs to the people of Gibraltar who wish to remain British but the British Government continue to ignore our pleas! Is Britain waiting until an international incident happens instead of avoiding it? There comes a time that a BULLY has to face the consequences and that is that they are not above the law and that there is such a word as DEMOCRACY and laws to be obeyed!

Anne-Marie Struggles 

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