Thursday, 7 February 2013

Belligerent Passage by Guardia Civil in our waters! AGAIN :S

As from 18.17 and still going on Guardia Civil in our waters and now at South Mole.

Once again no RGP presence which meant NO ACTION! We all really need to wake up and realize the status quo is not sustainable and cannot continue! 

RGP need to do their job which is to enforce the law. If they continue refusing to enforce the law (regardless of the excuses of the GC being present or RN inaction) - they are going to push people into action!

The Vigil is an immense opportunity for everyone to stand in solidarity and get the message across to FCO! It is the FCO that is failing in its constitutional duty to the people of Gibraltar!
Remember it is the Sovereignty of our waters that is the big issue here and of course it is just one other way that Spain is bullying us!

We reiterate so as to be clear to everyone - Defenders of Gibraltar do not dislike Spain or its people; it is the Government of Madrid and their belligerence that we are not happy with! 

Lack of action from UK and FCO is just as bad, and is just encouraging the Spanish Guardia Civil to continue ridiculing all and sundry! 

I leave you with the words below and hope this will be thought provoking:

First they came for our territorial waters, and I did not speak out--
Because I did not have a boat.
Then they came for our airspace, and I did not speak out--  Because I did not have a plane or money for flights.
Then they came for the Frontier, and I did not speak out--  Because I was afraid I would have lost my weekend trips and cheap shopping.
Then they came for me--and there was no water, air or land left of my home for me!

Anne-Marie Struggles

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