Saturday, 2 February 2013

1st February 2013 the incursions continue!

See how near the Spanish Fishing boat is. But we blame this on our law enforcement officers and the Royal Navy who day in and day out go on a merry go round and do NOTHING to enforce our laws at sea and to defend our territorial waters! What a carry on and piss taking someone those at the top are having a laugh at us and making our Police Officers and our Royal Navy look ridiculous in front of the Guardia civil and the Spanish fishermen! We say enough is enough!

In the meantime our Commodore is more interested about trying out golf courses in Spain than protecting the integrity of our British Territorial Waters! Our Commander of British Forces in Gibraltar is doing nothing to defend us! The paramilitary forces continue to invade and try to enforce jurisdiction in our WATERS!
Listen to the Commodore's interview! We the people of Gibraltar have to ensure that making friends is not at expense of who we are or sell our land sea or air!

Go to this URL look for the programme titled In Command!

Wake up Commodore John Clink you are not on holiday! You have a job to do if not go back and send someone who will do his job!

Anne-Marie Struggles 

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  1. this CBF is trying to outdo his predecessor in uselessness, seeing that the acquiescent Karsten got himself for saying 'Si Senor' to Margallo's stooges in the FO.


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