Thursday, 7 February 2013

Frontier Queues 6th Feb proof!

Frontier queues on the 6th Feb

We will be uploading more and more proof for the world to see the real side of Spain's attitude and behaviour towards Gibraltar and its people!

Frontier Watch 6 Feb 2013 - B/W montage of the new GC crew who were surprised to see us taking photos. (remember they thought we would stop cos they wanted us to stop)
Inset in colour was the moment when they decided they had had enough and closed the customs control point and diverted all the traffic to the left (night mode) in order to save on manpower. An action which none the less contravenes the Cordoba Agreement of maintaining a Green and Red Channel whilst there is a queue of traffic.

Once again they also took photos so hence we keep to our motto - NO QUEUES + NO PHOTOS

Anne-Marie Struggles

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