Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spain returns to challenging Gibraltar's laws and incursions in our waters!

Why is Spain constantly challenging our LAWS?

 Once again we have incursions by the Guardia Civil and now the fishermen are continuing to challenge our laws by entering in our waters to fish with illegal means that are not even acceptable in their own country!

So this brings us once again to ask the question when will the Fishing Report that has been delivered to our government be made public?

We have been very patient now for over 6 months and I think now as good weather is approaching we need to deal with this issue so that the waters are made safe for our people with the many summer activities that start.

We  suspect it could as late as May as the draft of the new legislative framework for fishing in Gibraltar waters was going to be published at the same time and Parliament's refurbishment is due for completion sometime next month. But this is not right a transparent Government needs to inform the people! We have a right to this information and all we get is delays and more delays. Why so much secrecy on a report? Why should we be waiting more than 6 months?

This was the announcement we
are referring to:


The Gibraltar Government plans to publish the long-awaited fishing report soon after the Easter break, together with a draft of a new legislative framework for fishing in Gibraltar waters.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said the new framework was close to completion and would regulate activities in the marine environment ranging from fishing to diving.

The regulations, he said, would provide “…a very structured approach to all of the issues we have to deal with.”

However, we the people need time to read the report before we can even think of changing our laws to appease to Spain!  

We have adequate laws in place and do we really have to change OUR laws? Should the question not be when will we enforce our LAWS? When will the powers above allow the laws to be enforced - release the report and then the debate can begin to change or not to change our laws! We need to fully understand why would we change the laws and by changing what guarantees that Spain will respect them if they do not now?

Let us remember the the para military incursions in our British Gibraltar territorial Waters is done because Spain does not respect our laws or that we have our own waters!

So this brings us to the next question - what is the FCO and the UK government doing to ensure that Spain stops defying and claiming we have no waters?

Let us all remember this country Spain that does negative propaganda and breaks our laws is the SAME country Spain that has a claim on our country!

This Spain is in the European Union and all countries are aware of the bullying they do and choose to ignore the issues! This Spain is the country that United Nations chooses to ignore that they are trying to claim we have NO VOICE< NO CHOICE AND NO RIGHTS!

Come on people we all need to face our enemy Spain and not by keeping silent but by highlighting each and every issue that is wrong so that more people can see what a BULLY Spain is!

Let us not forget Spain is bigger but we will never give in - we choose our future not anyone else!

Defiance of our Laws! - Will we act when an accident happens?

After a long pause, one lone conchero off Eastern Beach yesterday was the cause of another diplomatic incident.

Britain is to make another formal protest to Spain following this incursion by the Guardia Civil vessel Rio Pas. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that warnings were read by the Gibraltar Squadron and that the vessel eventually departed British Gibraltar Territorial Waters. The Foreign Office says a formal protest will be made through diplomatic channels.

This picture send to Defenders of Gibraltar shows from left to right the Spanish fishing boat, RGP Interceptor, RGP 'Sir William Jackson, Guardia Civil 'Rio Pas' and Royal Navy Gib Sqn Patrol Boat. Photo taken 12.07.

Despite the lack of protection of our British Gibraltar Territorial waters we are useful for UK at times!

It's good to know that Gibraltar is still useful (in fiction at least) in combating terrorism.Read this article from the Telegraph in a book written by John le Carre called ''A delicate truth''.
A Delicate Truth by John le Carré: Exclusive extract, part one - Telegraph

In the first chapter from his thrilling new novel A Delicate Truth, master of espionage John le Ca...

 Anne-Marie Struggles

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