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More incursions by SPANISH para militaries and customs and journalist not just FISHERMEN!

 More Incursions in our waters!

Thursday 11 April at 14.10 a Spanish flagged pleasure vessel was seen entering the restricted area of HM Naval Base. GDP vessel was soon on site and escorted the vessel out. Apart from the potential risk to security, three occupants of this vessel where in suits which would indicate either Spanish officials or possibly journalists.

Photos by Tommy Finlayson


Another act of provocation

 Friday 12 April 2013 at 10.18 a Guardia Civil Rhib was proceeding north to south at over 500 metres from the detached mole when it made a change of direction and started heading in towards the south entrance of our port. It came to a full stop at 250 metres off the south end of the detached mole by which time RN Rhib had been deployed. After 3 minutes the Guardia Civil continued in its southerly direction just as the Royal Navy gave a 'State your intentions' on Channel 16 marine band.

Photo by Tommy Finlayson

More incursions now by the Spanish Customs - sinking the Spanish boat as they tried to tow from our waters!

As we do not have enough to put  up with Spanish incursions by the Para Miltary - Guardia Civil now their Customs think they can just enter British Gibraltar Territorial Waters!

As reported on Facebook Gibraltar Politics group


A Spanish fishing boat sank in British Gibraltar territorial waters on Thursday while it was being towed by Spanish customs to Algeciras.
Although the incident unfolded just 800m off the shoreline in Rosia Bay, the Spanish officers made no attempt to contact their counterparts in Gibraltar.

According to Spanish press reports, the fishing boat had fled from the Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera (SVA) in La Atunara, where it was beached by its three occupants.

Two of the men got away and the third was arrested on land.

The boat, which had sustained damage to the hull, was then towed by the SVA around the Rock toward Algeciras.

But while the Spanish media, citing anonymous SVA sources, said it sank close to Algeciras, the boat was in fact lost very close to Gibraltar.

According to authorities here, the damaged vessel in fact slipped to the seabed in deep water opposite Rosia Bay.

“We are aware that a vessel sank within British Gibraltar territorial waters,” a police spokesman told the Chronicle, adding that the Gibraltar port Authority had been informed.

“We had no communications from the SVA.”

Given the depth of the sea in that area, it is unlikely that the boat will be recovered.


More incursions in our waters:

 Spanish Press report on yesterday's protest on the incursion The image accompanying the article is it archive or does it refer to the actual incident that caused the protest.

One moment they deny entering our waters - incursions and then go on to say we have no waters - can someone explain all about UNCLOS to the Spanish Government?

Spanish Government reply to yesterday's ''protest'' on the spanish incursion into our waters.Although they aledge not having received any protest.

Spanish fisherment fish in our waters despite this being illegal as they use illegal nets and rake the seabed!

Yet can you believe the below?

Spanish Guardia Civil patrol launch Medas P-26 arrests Moroccan fishing boat ''Abdella'' for fishing with illegal nets.

In a separate action a Spanish fishing boat was also involved in an incident ( off La Atunara) with a Spanish customs launch. Spelling mistake in the newspaper headline as it's not Atunata but Atunara.


The negative propaganda again against Gibraltar continues in full force!

On another part I wish Spain  would decide on their story about what kind of relationship they want with us below are two contradictions:

The Partido Andalucista of Algeciras which is a fringe party within the ''Campo'' wants to strengthen links with Gibraltar.I am all in favour of strengthening links ''but'' they must first of all be consistent in their policy towards Gibraltar.This is a link to the article in which José María España of this political party comments about ''estrechar lazos''.

And this a link to video from June 2012 in which this same Algeciras party heavily criticized Gibraltar.

More negative propaganda about Gibraltar - Youtube video giving a right wing xenophobic Spanish analysis of Gibraltar blaming us for all the problems that spain has.Not meant for the feint hearted.

  La Linea de la Concepcion ''Patron''de los Pescadores tells the right wing pro Partido Popular newspaper La Razon that that the actions taken by Gibraltarian patrol boats are responsible for the 50% reduction of the number of fish caught by La Linea fishing vessels.

The hypocrisy from Spain is amazing. Below is a letter from a very good Defender of Gibraltar who explains hte hypocrisy of Spain clearly:

The Editor,
Gibraltar Chronicle.

10th April 2013.

Allow me to ask everybody the following, how brief is brief? If we take the Spanish version they proposed a new format in place of the now defunct Tri-partite agreement, the British version is that Gibraltar was only mentioned, therefore we come to the usual, how long is a piece of string.
I think Sr Rajoy and Spain have only one avenue to follow and at the same time show the World how mature and democratic they are, the road is to take the question of Gibraltar to the ICJ, once and for all and in that august body clearly and unequivocally state that the Treaty of Utrecht overrides the following, a) the UN Charter, b) the UN Convention on the Laws of the Seas, c) the Rights of all Colonial People to self- determination,
d)) the Human Rights Convention e) the UN interpretation as to the correct meaning of territorial integrity and why it was enacted, in fact to prohibit colonies who became Independent to break up, e.g Biafra and Katanga.
However Spain must also explain how she got two territories in exchange for Gibraltar, why they continue to disregard Article vi of Utrecht also Article ii and further explain why the Bourbons are still the Royal Household disregarding the wording contained in the cited article, Article xi as to non- mention of waters and Minorca , also why the 1659 Treaty of the Pyrenees in regard to the fact that no member of the French Royal Household could ever aspire to the Spanish Throne and last but not least explain why Olivenza which after the violation by them Spain of the stipulations imposed by the Treaty of Badajoz they are still in situ.
To conclude what cannot be allowed to continue is the Spanish attitude towards Morocco by insisting on the existing good relations, so long as Ceuta and Mellila are not for discussion and the FCO’s continuously stating, as an excuse, that both Spain and UK are members of NATO and the EU as the reason why they talk, I feel it would be more honest to play the same card used by Spain, we are good friends, but Gibraltar is not for discussion.

Yours faithfully,


Is UK entering into talks and decisions about Gibraltar without Gibraltar's knowledge?

The Andalusian Government in conjunction with the Algeciras City Hall are preparing an anti pollution pilot action plan for the Bay of Gibraltar under the EU Arcopol Plus initiative. The article mentions UK as a participant in this initiative but I have my doubts as to whether Gibraltar has been included but I could be mistaken.

This is the link to the article from the Spanish press.

This is the link to the eu Arcopol Plus website

The Mayor of San Roque, Agaden, Verdemar, Cooperación Alternativa and 105 people that live in Guadarranque protest for environmental reasons on the proposed construction of yet another 21 fuel tanks at a cost of 130 million euros (part of the Algeciras Port investment programme).

May I you remind that last month 22 fuel storage tanks were completed in the port of Algeciras. We are going to end up with the most polluted Bay in the world if things continue as they are now!

Beware when returning to Gibraltar and you are caught in the queue to come in - keep valuables safe and away from sight.
Read below:
There's a report in the Chronicle for which I am grateful for to this newspaper as there is a need to warn people returning to Gibraltar from spain by car.This is the report.

Message to Spain that is loud and clear:

No quadripartite talks says the Government of Gibraltar.

The Government has reiterated that it has no objections to representatives from the Campo Area taking part in the Trilateral Forum, as long as they do so as part of the Spanish delegation. This follows comments made by the Spanish Premier to david Cameron at a meeting in Madrid this week, that he would like to find a new forum to deal with all tripartite issues.

Señor Rajoy expressed his government’s willingness to engage in talks that would tackle all concerns. But this willingness, comes with conditions, that the Spanish Government knows are unacceptable to the two other parties. One is that the forum, which would leave sovereignty to one side, have two Spanish delegations, one from the central Government and the other from the Campo. This forum, like its predecessor, would deal with co-operation. Mariano Rajoy also asked for a resumption of bi-lateral negotiations on sovereignty, despite being told repeatedly that the United Kingdom will not go against the wishes of the people of Gibraltar. However, bilateral meetings on the EU’s designation of a Site of Community Importance to Spain were reportedly held late last year.

For its part, the Government has repeated that both it, and the British Government recognise the value of dialogue and co-operation between Gibraltar, the UK and Spain on issues of mutual importance. It adds the trilateral forum was designed to facilitate this and that it would like to see a return to it. Both Governments constantly stress their commitment to the process.

Well written article that shows how the people of Gibraltar feel

“EU washes it hands of Gibraltar
territorial waters,” MEP tells PANORAMA

by Leo Olivero
UK Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies, talking exclusively to Panorama, says that the “European Union seems to have washed its hands entirely of matters relating to Gibraltar describing it as a Cop Out” the comments by Mr Davies come after a reply from the EU Commission after he submitted a set of questions regarding the waters around Gibraltar.

In the European Parliament he represents the North West England including the counties of Cumbria, Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside and also leads the 85 member group of ALDE (Liberal) MEPs from across the EU, it is one of the European Parliament’s powerful Environment and Public Health Committees which Mr Davies is also the spokesman for.

Not Impressed With EU Answers!

In the last few weeks Mr Davies like his Liberal colleague Graham Watson before him have attempted to elicit not only important but a clear statement from the EU Commission as to ‘who has legal responsibility and jurisdictional control of the waters around Gibraltar’

Mr Davies recently asked the Commission the following questions:

1. Which Member State(s) is/are legally responsible for supervision and control of fishing activities?

2. Which Member State(s) is/are legally responsible for activities affecting the seabed?

3. Are any Natura 2000 sites located within the area and, if so, which Member State(s) is/are responsible for their management and protection?

The answers to Mr Davies questions came a few days ago via Janez Potocnik a Slovenian politician, currently serving as European Commissioner for Environment, who said:

“The Commission is not in a position to comment on the legal responsibilities of Member States in the area in question, as jurisdictional issues concerning these marine waters are a matter for Member States to address in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea”

Additionally, Commissioner Potonik referred Mr Davies to previous answers by the Commission from mostly UK members of the EU Parliament.

A Cop Out Regarding Gibraltar

MEP Chris Davies, sounding annoyed, was not convinced by Potocnik response, he exclusively told Panorama “I think it will come as a surprise to many MEPs that the European Union seems to have washed its hands entirely of matters relating to Gibraltar, even when they directly relate to our common policies on fisheries and the environment, and even when they are of common interest to European citizens. It’s a cop out to say the least.”

Previous to this the Commission had already said it had no competence in relation to territorial disputes between Member States and did not consider that the designation process under the Habitats Directive is the appropriate tool with which to resolve them.

Since 2008 when the EU made a major blunder by introducing a site (for Spain to environmentally manage) of community importance (Estrecho Oriental) that covered or overlapped onto an already existing site known as the Southern (British) Waters of Gibraltar, the EU has continuously attempted to skip round giving any direct opinion or answers to any questions that remotely has any sovereignty connotations.

Although the EU did say in a previous question by Liberal MEP Graham Watson that “the Commission believes that pursuant to the principle of sincere cooperation set out in Article 4(3) of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) a Member State designating a site in an area concerned by a territorial dispute should notify the other concerned Member State before submitting this proposal to the Commission. Whilst it would appear that neither Spain nor the United Kingdom formally undertook this step for the sites they proposed in the disputed territory, the emphasis now must be on the two Member States to cooperate in finding a practical way forward in managing the sites in order to deliver the requirements of Directive 92/43/EEC(1) on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora, as such designation implies”

It All Comes Down to Two Things!

For me it all comes down to two things. Firstly… the EU will not get involved in any sovereignty related issue regarding the waters around Gibraltar. Notwithstanding the whole disputed aspect of the situation, the EU still naively insists that Britain and Spain should continue to find ways to jointly implement the Natural Habitats Directive, which effectively legally directs both parties to manage the environment in Gibraltar waters.

Will the EU habitats notion of forging ahead irrespective of anything else be achievable remains to be seen, especially within the context of a running and long-standing sovereignty related dispute? I also find it naïve of the EU who appear not to appreciate or are unable to grasp the significance to countries and the people involved in this matter!

The Second Point…For all the EU failings regarding sovereignty and the Habitats blunder – it is in effect pointing everyone in the direction this matter should be taking!

The Commission openly admits it has no competence in disagreements with regards to territory between Member States nor does the Commission consider that the listing of the overlapping United Kingdom site ‘Southern Waters of Gibraltar’ and the Spanish site ‘Estrecho Oriental’. The situation it says in relation to these disputing sovereignty claims, which ultimately will have to be resolved under appropriate international and bilateral mechanisms.

The Commission in this respect has said more than once that it is not in a position to comment on the legal responsibilities of Member States regarding any sovereignty question, as jurisdictional issues concerning these marine waters are a matter for Member States to address in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)

Full 12 Miles to Lure Spain Out!

It is clear then that the EU is directing all parties involved to the United Nations to sort-out this dispute under the auspices of UNCLOS. This in fact is what I have said a number of times already in Panorama. It is also something the UK in particularly should be concentrating on or be actively pursuing!

However if Spain is not going to be a willing partner or voluntarily submit its sovereignty claim to the scrutiny of UNCLOS - then it has to be lured in to do so. This as I have also said before can only be achieved by initiating another related issue. In the form of claiming Gibraltar’s or the UK’s right to the Full 12 Miles of Territorial Waters.

I am convinced it would create a situation that would be the right cue for Spain to mount an offensive against such action by the UK. At the same time expose its famous sovereignty hand for a legal and modern day interpretation!

So we call on all countries in the European Union, United Nations and G8 we need your help to defend our land, sea and air from Spain and we need you stand up to the BULLY that Spain is!

Spain is using the 21st Century way to oppress us!

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