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More anti-Gibraltar campaigning - Spain's aim to stop our progress as a people and a country!

Anti Gibraltar attitude

You would think that in this day and age and being a part of the European Union that Spain would put behind her a claim no longer valid. Spain as in their government still cannot see the truth in front of them. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see and understand that their claim has no basis in the 21st Century and more so since the Rock of Gibraltar belongs to the people who live in it and that is us the Gibraltarian people!

David Cameron travelled to Spain to talk to Government minister Rajoy but hey how could the UK and the FCO allow this? Everyone knows that Gibraltar would be a subject brought up as time and time again this has leaked to be true!

So what should happen you ask? Simple Spain needs to return to the tripatrite talks if Spain wishes to talk about Gibraltar! Spain has to accept and understand that in this day and age there is such a thing or concept called DEMOCRACY! This means that Gibraltar not only has rights but has a voice and a choice on who they are and how they would want to remain or progress in the world as a whole.

What Spain cannot be allowed to continue is to bully and harass the people fo Gibraltar or break the laws of their sea! Many people read our blog from all over the world and I can confirm the countries below are just a few - so I ask our followers and readers would you accept Spanish paramilitaries in your seas trying to enforce their jurisdiction?

·       Argentina
·       Australia       
·       Belgium
·       Bermuda
·       Brazil 
·       Canada         
·       China 
·       Colombia
·       Czech Republic
·       Denmark
·       Finland
·       France          
·       Germany      
·       Gibraltar      
·       Honduras
·       Hong Kong
·       Hungary
·       India
·       Ireland
·       Ireland
·       Italy   
·       Japan
·       Latvia
·       Malaysia       
·       Moldovo
·       Montenegro
·       Netherlands
·       Nigeria
·       Oman
·       Pakistan
·       Philippines
·       Poland          
·       Portugal       
·       Russia
·       Singapore    
·       Spain 
·       Sweden
·       Taiwan
·       Turkey
·       Ukraine
·       United Arab Emirates       
·       United Kingdom
·       United States          

I think i could hear a resounding NO echoing all over the world straight to my ears! Of course no one from any other country would put up with this kind of blatant defiance and disrespect of our laws!

So why is the UK Government, our Foreign Commonwealth Office and the European Union just ignoring the fact that it happens? Trust me this is not a one time incursion or an act of innocent passage! below is one recent photo - Guardia Civil launch going by in BGW as HMS Kent is moored on south mole
In the background you can see USNS DAHL (top left) a bit out of focus but


So tell me if this is not oppression and defiance in action what is? Will the world wait until they is a confrontation? Remember what the Argenteans did to the Falklands - no one believed that they would and they did invade and take over until it started the well known and unfortunate  WAR!

let us learn from that - prevention is better than cure! UK government are responsible for protecting the integrity of our waters! Our police are responsible to enforce the laws but not to paramilitary that is for the Royal Navy!

In our newspaper the vox - www.vox.gi


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The UK remains strongly committed to the Trilateral Process.

The meeting was not about Gibraltar: it was about the broad UK/Spain bilateral relationship and growth, says FCO spokesperson and adds, "Gibraltar was raised briefly".

'The UK Government position has not changed. The UK will never enter into arrangements under which the people of Gibraltar would pass under the sovereignty of another State against their wishes. Furthermore, the UK will not enter into any process of sovereignty negotiations with which Gibraltar is not content. We recognise the value of dialogue and co-operation between the Spain, Gibraltar and the UK on issues of mutual importance. The Trilateral Forum of Dialogue was designed to facilitate this and we would like to see a return to this Forum. The UK remains strongly committed to the Trilateral Process.

This is the kind of words we hear but we want action to follow the words as a bully will never stop with words only.

Below is another support shown to us recently:
ox: 'Extremely sad' Spain should try to determine how serious Britain is about security in Gibraltar waters

Tory MP Liam Fox has given his opinion on the territorial waters dispute (click play above).

Speaking to GBC, he said Gibraltar is as British as any part of the British mainland and, through its history, is so inextricably linked with the wider security of the UK that the two cannot possibly be dissolved.

The former Secretary of State for Defence said it is a “great pitty” that some of those in the Spanish security forces want to constantly determine how serious the UK is about its security.

He argued that Spain should be in no doubt: Gibraltar is a British territory dependent upon British security and that’s how it will remain, given that the people of Gibraltar want to be British and that is what really matters.

Mr Fox said it’s extremely sad that Britain has a European Union partner that would try to determine its seriousness in respect of its security in Gibraltar waters, repeating that Spain should not be in any doubt about that whatsoever.


Liam Fox on Spanish incursions-YouTube

Tory MP Liam Fox has given his opinion on the territorial waters dispute. Speaking to GBC, 

So let us all spread the word and ensure we get the support.

Anne-Marie Struggles

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