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Spain deals with their problems by pushing attention to Gibraltar!

Good Diversion for Spain on their corruption and unemployment – Attack Gibraltar!

 Today I have wanted to do what Spain does to us - highlight the ways they attack us using the media!
While Spain faces corruption even to the level and including their own Monarchy and the high levels of unemployment in the Campo area – what do they do so as to divert the attention – focus on anything and everything about Gibraltar? If the attacks were not serious - one could have a laugh but it is not right that Spain – a democratic country can continue these attacks just so that their people do not see the dire state their own country is in! It is because of their lies in the attacks that make Gibraltar suffer consequences – people thinking we are a TAX Haven when we are not and these lies do spoil our reputation as a country and as a people. 

Recently is this - INTERNATIONAL REPORT PLACES GIB FINANCE CENTRE IN ‘BOTTOM TEN’ FOR REPUTATION – this is why we have to step up our defense to the false accusations and do a better counter attack using media etc to raise the correct information about Gibraltar and who we are and what we are not!
An example of what Spanish media distribute involving ex pat newspaper to put Gibraltar as no longer the safe place to visit and are scaremongering – another Spanish tactic!

''Ex Pat'' newspaper the Olive Press in my opinion does Gibraltar a disservice in an article entitled '' Gibraltar Terror trio'' released! Why choose this title when there is no evidence pointing to an attack on Gib. These sorts of comments can deter people from visiting Gibraltar which I must say is much safer than visiting or living in spain.The article has many inaccuracies such as not specifying that it was a spanish judge from a Spanish court who ordered their release.Does anyone agree with my comments
Paragliders to be released despite possession of explosives

Spain is suffering big fraud and corruption. They try to highlight what we are not and are so hypocritical to the point where they even say we are also a military paradise. Spain is used especially in Rota for military training and investigations and even to entertain military from all over the world and especially NATO allies. They make a lot of money offering their country for this so how dare they make out we are a military paradise when in fact they are more a paradise for military than we are!

This is one of many of their accusations
Spanish Colonel in reserve comments on Gibraltar in an artcle entitled ''Gibraltar: Paraíso militar además de fiscal''.

New advert that is being broadcasted from a bankrupt Spanish bank that was saved by the EU - Incredible but true. Watch this Youtube new TV advert which is being screened on Spanish TV

It is because of their constant attacks on Gibraltar that we hope that the Olympics will NOT be hosted in Madrid – if not how will Gibraltar participate in their own right?

9 para-military Guardia Civils arrested in Las Palmas, Spain for carrying out torture, illegal arrests, making threats and for drug trafficking. Read about it in this article.

We can also attack Spain in the same way it does to Gibraltar and we will defend ourselves and highlight all the negatives about Spain as and when we hear them  like this one - 

Alberto Núñez Feijóo Partido Popular President of the ''Comunidad de Galicia'' tipped to be a future leader of that party and close supporter of Rajoy appears in holiday snaps together with one of Galicia's most notorious drug and tobacco traffickers.Source is El Pais spanish newspapers.Please read.

Also how come it is illegal to walk your dogs on Marbella beach unless you are an ex president?
The ''Ayuntamiento'' of Marbella will not be taking action against Aznar for walking his dogs in the Guadalmina beach without a muzzle as according to them it's a privilege to have someone of his category visiting Marbella during their ''Semana Santa'',7e7db907071cd310VgnCLD2000000dc6eb0aRCRD.html

Madrid's application to host the 2020 Olympic Games meets very serious competition and hangs in the balance after a brilliant presentation made by organisers from Istanbul during the visit of the IOC Officials to the capital of Turkey. Istanbul is ahead on points in view of the delicate financial problems in Spain. Wouldn't it be great if the games were awarded to Istanbul that Gibraltar could participate in Turkey as a nation in it's own right.

Unemployment figures in the Campo area
The number of unemployed people in the Campo de Gibraltar rose to 43,005 in March, according to the latest data from the Spanish Government.
The total number of people out of work in La Linea reached 11,374, while the number of unemployed in Algeciras reached 18,488.
Meanwhile, the number of people registered as unemployed in Spain edged down by a little under 5,000 in March, the first reduction for the month in five years, official figures revealed this.
The Labour Ministry said the decline showed that the government’s policies are working. The number registered as unemployed stands at 5.04 million.
Spain is battling to emerge from its second recession in just over three years.
Unemployment is also now making news in that squatters are entering unsold flats in Santa Margarita which is near La Linea.
Residents of Santa Margarita complain and are worried of the effects that empty flats have been taken over by ''ocupas'' and that more ''ocupas'' could follow.

The La Linea Mayor is working hard to keep good relations with Gibraltar – however, now the Spanish government is creating a campaign against her! Anything or anyone who tries to get on with Gibraltar will suffer at the hands of this PP government.
La Linea digital website claims that a dispute between 2 families in La Linea ends with a member of one of the families being shot! Residents of this ''barriada'' blame the ''Alcaldesa'' for the state of the area they live in and add that she is focused more on Gibraltar and Picardo than ''La barriada del Zabal''

The Spanish government are heating up their campaign to try and stop Gibraltar entering UEFA – goes to show that Sports is politics for the Spanish!
Interesting stuff coming from the Independent newspaper on the goings on in Spanish football and the request made to the EU Competition Commissioner,who is a Spaniard called Joaquin Almunia, as to whether there would be a "formal" investigation. Love the comment after the article by a contributor who compares this to the European Court of Justice Spanish judge who heard the appeal in our waters case!

But thank goodness we have support from Portugal - Article from Portuguese sports website on the courtesy visit by the President of the GFA to the President of the Portuguese Football Association in Lisbon. It's excellent to have friendly relations with our Portuguese neighbours.

At least despite the attacks on Gibraltar the Spanish courts have given justice to a homeless man but this highlights the amount of hate campaigns that are going on within a so called democratic country - Spanish Neo Nazi is sentenced to 10 years in prison in Madrid for stampimg repeatedly on a homeless man leaving him severely paralyzed. This according to this website who also states that the neo nazi's lawyer referred to the victim as a “parasite”, and said he yearned for the days when Spain had a vagrant's law which put homeless people behind bars.

David Cameron and Rajoy are to meet on Monday the 8th April – the question Gibraltar is now asking is – why has Mr Cameron accepted this meeting in which everyone knows Spain will bring up Gibraltar as a subject to talk about and our Chief Minister is not there to defend us or clarify any misinterpretation! Why has David Cameron not added Gibraltar to his Itenerary – this is unacceptable if he does not include our Chief Minster Fabian Picardo on his visit to Madrid then he should either see us before going to Madrid or see us afterwards! What is our UK government playing at?

According to reports in the spanish press Rajoy will meet Cameron on the 8th of April 2013.Gibraltar will be discussed as reported in this article the last 2 paragraphs of which reflect what the spanish government have been saying since they came into power.
Rajoy y Cameron ultiman una cita con Gibraltar en la agenda . . La reunión, que po...

Also the other political party in Spain PSOE is trying to build up relationship with Gibraltar and they recognise that Gibraltar has a voice and that this meeting with Rajoy and David Cameron should have our Chief Minister present.

PSOE ask for Gibraltar to be represented in meeting on monday coming with Cameron and Rajoy
Campo de Gibraltar - - periodico online de noticias de la Villa de Los Barrios...

Also more support for British Gibraltar again from PSOE – shows we do have some friends among some Spanish Politicians and Groups.

No 3 in the PSOE (Andalucia) hierarchy annoys the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs after comments made about Gibraltar. Find out why by reading this article from Spanish ECD website.

So we also have to now work harder in our counter attacks to show the world what Spain says about Gibraltar is not always true and we will highlight the bullying Spain does.
So please continue to email us more and more proof of incursion in our waters by Spains para military and any other lies or injustice targeted at Gibraltar or our people!

Our email - - keep sending us information and ideas and the proof we need.

Just as HMS Dragon was departing Guardia Civil Rio Pas decided to cross its path in another cocky attempt to challenge British authority

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