Thursday, 14 March 2013

Gibraltar Mayor Welcomes Senior Citizens and Defenders of Gibraltar

Mayor's Reception for Senior Citizen's and Defenders of Gibraltar

As part of getting to know the community our Mayor Mr Tony Lima has taken on the task of inviting groups and organisations throughout his term in office to a reception at the magnificent City Hall.

This reception was very encouraging and motivating as in one room we had at least 98 years of history from those present. It was a bit of bringing the past with the present. This will ensure our history motivates our future as a people and as a country.

We met various well known and some not well known but all with a very inspiring story on what part they played in the past in defending our land.

Below are some photos to show a bit about when time stopped to unite past and present together.

It was an amazing and wonderful reception and a great unifying of life stories - the eldest was a man of 98years another man 97years and a woman of 94years!

Great and wonderful stories of our people and how they stood against the odds on many issues - surviving the war - the frontier closed - frontier reopened etc. So all that will be coming soon to you!

A special thank has to go to our Mayor and all the Senior Citizens who shared their time with us.

Anne-Marie Struggles

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