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Comparing our similarities with the Falklands.

Comparing the Falklands and Gibraltar

When one looks at the Falkland Islands one can immediately see some identical problems that Gibraltar faces daily.

Both are claimed by other countries for hundreds of years. The Falkland’s have been claimed by the French, British, Spaniards and Argentines at various points in history within 500 years at the very least. But the Falklands have been British from the 1800 until now. The biggest worry when one compares Gibraltar to the Falklands is that unfortunately they have been invaded by the one country that does not drop their claim. The people of the Falklands found themselves during the invasion not only facing foreign language signs but practically they were under house arrest. How sad that people have had to suffer in this way for about 3 months before they were freed from the Argentinean invasion. Shame on Argentina to bully a smaller country and humble innocent people in that way!

Let us not forget that in 1727 we in Gibraltar had to suffer the second Spanish Siege!
The Falklands have quite a few advantages with this bully Argentina – one that country is not part of the EU so they will always have more support from other EU member countries. Two their economy before was more on oil and sheep but since the survival of that war the Falklands now have Fishing as the largest part of their economy. However, Oil is could take over that with their new plan on the use of floating production storage and offloading to be ready by 2016. Like Gibraltar Tourism plays a vital part to their economy and growth. Just like Gibraltar’s fame is thanks to the bullying from Spain – the Falklands tourism increased after the war!

Gibraltar is working hard on conservation but the EU has interfered and designated British Territorial Waters to Spain which they had no right to do so and if EU read the UNCLOS and if UK had not been so naïve this would not have happened. This is the downside of having the country that is bullying you in the EU as they have a voice and Gibraltar does not! Not many MEPs from UK or other EU countries know or have visited Gibraltar! The Falklands since the war and by not having Argentina in EU have had the freedom to progress in conservation of their homeland. They have been able to set up nature reserves and a conservation station.

The Falkland Islanders are British by citizenship, and by either origins or naturalization. They are one of the Nations and mini-nations of the United Kingdom and the British overseas territories, including also the English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, Channel Islanders, Gibraltarians, Saint Helenians, Bermudians, Caymanians etc.  Along with their common British identity, each of these has its own distinct identity shaped in the respective particular circumstances of political, economic, social and cultural evolution history.
Like Gibraltar the Falklands see the right for Self Determination and like Gibraltar have held referendums to remain British. The Falklands have also achieved the break away from the colonisation that there was previously.

Just like Gibraltar has one unique and united desire not to become Spanish or entertain joint sovereignty – the Falkland Islanders have a dynamic desire not to deal with Argentina! Gibraltarians consists of British, Spanish, Italians, Portuguese, Maltese, Jewish, Minorcan, Morrocans and other EU countries. Gibraltarians are British Citizens but with our own distinct identity!

People from Gibraltar are Gibraltarians and we pride ourselves in living in peace together with our racial and cultural mixture!

Just like the Falkland Islanders we will highlight the tactics from our bully which is Spain and we will fight as it is our VOICE – OUR Choice and Our Right! Together with the Falkland Islanders we can learn to stand up for who we are and not give in to any oppression no matter the shape or form!

Anne-Marie Struggles.

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