Monday, 11 March 2013

As the Falklands vote today.

The Falklands referendum.

It is amazing that even the Falkland Islands have to do a referendum that is already clear what they want - that is to remain British! One must be blind to not see this!

I have seen so many pictures on Facebook that show just how British they are and want to continue:

My favourite is this one

I think we all know what he has voted lol

I think it is very clear to all what the outcome will be!

Just like we in Gibraltar have a voice on our future so do the Falkland Islands. I just hope that Argentina will accept the outcome! We in Gibraltar are still suffering the bullying and harassment by Spain as they as yet even though we have held more than one referendum do not accept the outcome!

Below is what one person wrote about their opinion on the referendum!

The Argentine government is an hypocrisy of STAGGERING PROPORTIONS because it claims the Falklands should be returned (you can not return something to which it has NEVER belonged) and yet they have no intention of handing back the native American land they stole, they have no intention of handing back the neighbouring states provinces they annexed. Formosa province and Misiones province were annexed from Paraguay, Jujuy province and Saltar province annexed from Bolivia and Martin Garcia Island annexed from Uruguay.

Britain took official sovereignty of the Falklands in 1765, British sovereignty has been official since that date, its been backed by two settlements spanning a collective time frame of about 200 years of British settlement. Argentina was yet to be born in 1765, there is no way it can claim sovereignty prior to birth. Spain did not cede its claim and it was only a claim, Spain never established a colony or garrison on the islands, unlike the British. The claimed Argentine garrison led by a German and a poorly led British mercenary militia lasted no longer than three months (almost 200 years ago!).

If your neighbour breaks into your home, while you are on holiday and claims it for himself and you return and ask him to leave, which he dose, does he then have a right to return almost 200 years later and claim that because his ancestors broke in and squatted for a few weeks the ownership belongs to him? Sorry, I can not take such a claim seriously and I'm surprised any Argentines who have at least the ability to think for themselves can.

The islands belong to us, the people who live here, not Argentina. It's time to enter the real world Argentina. I would not claim your land and if I did I'd expect a fight. Sorry the world is watching and the UN Charter establishes in black and white the right to self determination for all peoples.

Below is also another write up from the facebook group for the Falklands - Falklands desire the right! - that says it all really!

The C24 Committee has no powers of its own. The committee has been isolated by most of the West because it's seen as a dysfunctional body, lacking oversight and issuing one sided reports without giving fair analysis. Bizarrely the committee is made up largely of dictatorships and nations with their own sovereignty and land rights issues. The C24 Committee should deal with its own colonial issues first before claiming some kind of moral high ground.

In the case of China this includes the occupation of Tibet against the will of its people, China is an Empire in its own right occupying a vast number of ethnicities, including sub nations wishing independence.

Here is a list of states calling for independence from China (there is an even larger list of states - which includes most of the region - in some kind of sovereignty dispute with China):

Taiwan (disputed soverignty)
Hong Kong
Inner Mongolia
Yi people

[border, sea and land disputes exist with all neighbouring states]

The other members of the C24 include Iran. here is a list of states calling for independence from Iran:

South Azerbaijan


Here is a list of states calling for independence from Syria:

Alawite State

Not to mention 90% of the Syrian people wishing to overthrow a corrupt dictatorship.


Another Communist dictatorship left over from the Cold War.

Russia - another Empire in its own right

The list of states calling for independence from Russia and other separatist movements is so long I am not even going to go there.

It doesn't get any better -

India another Empire in its own right, 1,680 known languages, hundreds of ethnicities. A large number of separatist moments which would make issues surrounding a few thousand people in the Falklands and Gibraltar pail into insignificance.

Here is the complete list of C24 states they speak for themselves:

Antigua & Barbuda
Côte D'Ivoire
Papua New Guinea
Russian Federation
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Sierra Leone
Syrian Arab Republic
United Republic of Tanzania

So like the Falklands we wish Spain to leave us alone and accept that Gibraltar is British and will be forever! It is us the people of Gibraltar who choose to remain British!

So we say no to Spanish incursions by their para military Guardia Civil in our waters and we say no to the bullying tactics by causing Border Queues for example!

Below are the latest photos of the Guardia Civil incursions in our British Territorial Waters today!

Incursion today, 11 March 2013 by Guardia Civil Vessel Rio Cedena.

At around 10.55 RN Gib Sqn RHIB was patrolling the 3 mile limit off Europa Point and at around 11.00 Rio Cedena appeared from the East Side and was seen off Camp Bay carrying out erratic change of directions in an attempt to challenge the RN who were monitoring from a distance. The Rio Cedena proceeded North inside BGTW to the Western Approaches. The RN wasted no time and pursued it there.
Rio Cedena hanged about for a few minutes and appeared to be engaging with two Spanish Fishing Vessels, Divina Providencia and Cristobal who were raking in front of the Runway. At 11.15 The fishing vessels started to move off and at 11.17 Rio Cedena was seen heading into the Puerto de Poniente

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