Thursday, 8 November 2012

Petition collecting at Piazza


Members of the Defenders of Gibraltar have set up shop in the Piazza in order to get more signatures for the petition (Urging the Governor to act in maintaining the integrity of our waters). The week long venture begun yesterday, where over 400 signatures were collected within the space of 4 hours.

Now 4 hours does not seem like a long time, but the amount of signatures gained is somewhat extraordinary considering it was raining cats and dogs Gibraltar style (you know which type of rain, the one which usually floods queensway).

If you would like to sign the petition, or just get to know some of the members of the Defenders of Gibraltar, please pop down to the Piazza (with an umbrella handy) and join in!

If you dont  get the chance to sign the paper version of the petition, please do not hesitate to sign the online version which you can sign by clicking on the following link:

 Online Petition

The online version has over 800 signatures (which at present we do not include in the official count).

 busy busy busy.....more signatures please
Anne-Marie and Simy in full DoG Bad Weather Uniform - Bring it on Rain!

We will keep providing updates on the blog for all to see - if you would like to get in touch with the Defenders of Gibraltar, please email us here, or call 54009746.

Remember - by changing nothing, nothing changes - Gibraltar has become complacent and used to Spains bullying. It is time to take a peaceful stand on every front Spain is attacking us on (UEFA, Bunkering, Frontier, Illegal Incursions, Franco style airspace blocking).

Its time to finish off what our forefathers started

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