Wednesday, 28 November 2012


On Wednesday 28th November at 5.30pm, members of the Defenders of Gibraltar group will deliver a petition to His Excellency the Governor containing the signatures of over 9475 Gibraltarians and their friends. A covering letter containing a message from the Gibraltarian people will be handed in along with the petition. This letter will be read out to the public before it is handed over.

The petition itself urges the Governor to act in maintaining the integrity of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, and is a direct result of Gibraltarian frustrations with the way in which the appeasing stance taken by HM Government to date has actually led to a direct increase not only in the number, but also the strength of illegal incursions. Spain will only grow bolder by the day until an effective deterrent is operational in our waters.

 The letter and petition is being delivered to the Governor in advance of his visit to London next week.
 The handing over of the petition will be a public event where all are invited to attend.

We will be meeting at Inces Hall at 5pm, with a view to marching down to the Convent. All are welcome to join us, as we will be reading out the letter in public for all to know its contents.

Yours faithfully,

The Defenders of Gibraltar

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