Monday, 12 November 2012

Another day, another post, another update and another 1,000 signatures....


Another day, another post, another update and another 1,000 signatures....
.....hold on - another 1,000 signatures in a day?

Yes 1,000 more signatures for the petition aimed at the Governor, urging him to act in maintaining the integrity of British Gibraltar territorial waters. That essentially brings our running total passed the 8,000 mark, which is extraordinary.

Today has also been a remarkable day for the sheer amount of tourists asking about the current oppression dealt to us by Spain. We have explained the most prominent ones as follows:

1) 6 hour queues when they feel like (i.e. when we stand up to them)
2) Denial of and opposition to GFA entry into FIFA
3) Illegal fishing and incursions
4) Spanish Navy incursions
5) Spanish paramilitary incursions
6) Constant negative propaganda against Gibraltar, like calling us Pirates (when to see a real one all they have to do is look at their Government) or occupiers

Tourists willing to listen came from everywhere, like Holland, Poland, USA, Ireland, France. But the most surprising and delightful 'question time' has to have been the number of Spanish individuals from Algeciras who came to see us today. They came to us asking what our side of the story was as they do not hear it in Algeciras - we gave them the pure facts first and then our point of view. Once they heard, they were adamant that we should be doing more to make our side public and get the news into spain - they said there is too much hatred being spread by their media trying to spoil cross border relationships.

If there is one message we took from all of the encounters, is that we need to try harder to reach people around the world. That is the only way which we can counter all the vitriol and negative propaganda spread by Madrids Government.

So what about other news? Of course the unCivilised Guard have begun the illegal incursions again over the last few days, the Defenders of Fish that they are. Meanwhile the UK waffle and protest, a few strong words here and there but the reality is that Spain carries on acting like an ill disciplined and spoilt child, constantly testing. Unfortunately I dont think the naughty step will work with them...heres a picture of the most recent one.

Here is something new which I learnt of today, and is published in the History Society Circular:

"A planned exhibit by the Gibraltar Philatelic Society at the Estepona Philatelic Exhibition had to be abandoned recently due to the intransigence of their Mayor who withdrew all reference to "Gibraltar" from the agreed advertising, replacing any reference to the Rock with Britannic. Although the Society remains a non political organisation, it was felt that this was unacceptable and they withdrew their participation."
It is incredible that Spanish Politics infiltrate such mundane things as postage stamps! But then again what do we really expect from Spain's plastic democracy...all you have to do is look at the daily beatings dished out by the Spanish Police and GC, the threats of military intervention in Cataluna due to a call for self determination, the unchangeable constitution changed to pay back debt, prosecution for asking about family members who went missing in the times of he-who-must-not-be-named...the list goes on and on and on. The reality is that during these difficult times being experienced by Spain, the state of so called democracy is being tested to the limit. Unfortunately it seems that we are to become the scapegoat for all the ills they experience. I just hope Spain is much smarter than their Government and see through all the lies. Keep going strong Indignados! Estamos igual de Indignados!

Finally, today I have had one of the best belly laughs in at least a year! There is a Spanish Fascist extremist group composed of people from the Algeciras and La Linea Partido Popular party, who started a facebook group called Gibraltar Espanol. They mostly waffle absolute rubbish online and talk about how Harry Potter will help them in capturing Gibraltar. Also on occasion they think they are agent 007 Jaime Bond because they 'infiltrated' Gibraltar (crossed the frontier), took a couple of pictures of the Defenders of Gibraltar at the Piazza (because so many people are), and proclaim victory that no one will ever find out who they are (when that is completely true, as nobody actually really cares). So why do I mention them? Well here it is:

I am apparently a mastermind fascist, starting some paramilitary organisation on the orders of the UK military - comparing me to mussolini....WOW! Now we know who should be writing the next Dan Brown novel of conspiracy theories. Next thing you know I'll be goose stepping down main street to the Gibraltar National Anthem.......apparently even though we are a peaceful movement, its just a matter of time before we turn to the Dark Side.

God bless them and their imagination - obviously too much time on their hands. Maybe ill give them a copy of Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 for Christmas. Should keep them busy for the next 3 months. Mind you if they are looking for signs of Fascist Dictatorship, all they have to do is look at the picture below - im pretty sure it will ring a bell....

Hope they bring a couple of good belly laughs ;) - anyway here are the photos from todays amazing experience. Enjoy!

And for the code breaking enthusiasts, lets see who will be the first to break this one! Credit to Matt M who was the first to break last fridays code - todays one is a little rhyme - first to post the answer in the DoG facebook group wins a Defenders of Gibraltar hat - good luck!


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