Friday, 9 November 2012

Day 2, petition signing at Piazza


Day 2, petition signing at Piazza

The signature collection for the petition urging the governor to act in maintaining the integrity of BGTW remains as popular as ever with fellow Yanitos and expats. In 2 days, over 1300 signatures have been collected (which is astounding even before you consider the rain we've been having in the past few days).

Volunteers have been assisting in the collection of signatures, with business owners in Main street and elsewhere offering to take a copy of the petition for customers to sign. There have been debates, discussions and goodwill in bucket loads (like the rain), with high profile visits from individuals offering their support.

If there is one word which rings true throughout the signature collections it is the following:


The act or an example of defying; bold resistance to an opposing force or authority

Here is a thoughtful and relevant quote to what we as Gibraltarians do when we encounter Spanish oppression:

When the storm breaks, each man acts in accordance with his own nature.
Some are dumb with terror.
Some flee. Some hide.
And some...spread their wings like eagles and soar on the wind.

The following are photographs taken throughout the second day of signature collections - Enjoy!

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