Sunday, 18 November 2012


The Defenders of Gibraltar would like to draw attention to the recent sitting of Parliament,
where a question was asked of the Government by the Opposition specifically regarding the taking of photographs at the frontier.

We would like to clarify that a committee member of the Defenders of Gibraltar was indeed approached and informed personally by the Chief Minister of his views on this subject. Indeed the group is approached daily by a plethora of individuals who freely

express their views; we are open minded and always willing to listen to new ideas or points of view. We feel we must also clarify that at no time during this personal exchange were we ordered in any way shape or form. 

The advice from the Chief Minister was presented by the DoG member to the committee in a formal manner, where we discussed and debated the strategy in detail. The decision taken by the committee following this meeting is that there will be no change to our current strategy. We also feel we must clarify and reiterate our long standing position with regards to said strategy at the frontier:

1) The Defenders of Gibraltar always act within the law, and constantly ensure the legality of our actions by seeking advice before we conduct such acts. Based on legal advice, we are confident that our current strategy is perfectly in accordance with Gibraltar Law.

2) The Defenders of Gibraltar do not harass, insult or misbehave in any way shape or form during the taking of photographs or otherwise.

3) Photographs are only taken for the purposes of documentation of Spains political oppression towards Gibraltar in the form of queues, and as such are only instigated following consistent monitoring of the length of said queues prior to any action being taken.

4) During this process of documentation, general photographs of the area are taken and interviews with those stuck in the queues are conducted. These are proliferated on the internet in order to draw attention to Spains actions.

5) On more than two occasions we have been insulted and threatened by the Guardia Civil, and on one occasion physically assaulted through the fence (On one occasion GC punched and kicked the fence to hit 2 DoG committee members who were taking photos 5 cm from fence, whilst on another occasion a Policia Nacional illegaly entered Gibraltar with one hand on his pistol intent on arresting a member of DoG). The DoG response to such behaviour unbecoming of a person in uniform is to post photographs of these individuals online for all in Gibraltar to be aware of - this is the exception rather than the rule. Indeed it has since come to our attention that the GC who assaulted our DoG committee members is the very same one who apparently assaulted Felix Alvarez a while back.

6) Although we understand the position, however unlikely, taken by the Spanish Authorities with regards to the possibility of publicised individuals being the subject of a terrorism, a greater concern for us are the thousands of innocent citizens stuck in queues for 6 hours; many of whom are vulnerable members of society. When Spain brings up terrorism and the threat to personal security, we feel that they really are scraping the bottom of the excuses barrel.

7) Finally, the formula we are trying to get across to the Spanish Authorities is fairly straight forward and simple:

No photos? No Queues!

The Defenders of Gibraltar is a pressure group with no allegiance to any political party in Gibraltar, and will fully endeavour to remain so. It should be noted however that we are willing to work with and alongside any individual. group or party which has a vested interest in ensuring that Gibraltar has the appropriate mechanisms in place to deter Spain from its constant political oppression, or respond to its harassment in the appropriate way expected by Gibraltarians. 

When it comes to Unity against a greater foe, we urge all parties in Gibraltar to maintain a united stance against the aggressor, a stance which was clearly apparent on the recent Sovereignty debate on GBCs Viewpoint. "El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido" is not just a popular chant, it is a historical fact for Gibraltar when it comes to threats from without. When you think about it, we only ever really move forward when we act as one.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will be revealing much more of the tactics and strategies we will be pursuing to hold Spain publicly to account on its actions. 

Will Gibraltar one day emerge victorious from the constant belligerence of our neighbour? The answer to that question does not lie solely in the hands of our politicians, but in the ferocious spirit and tenacity of the people of Gibraltar. The answer to this question lies with all of us. It is time to pick up the pace, and form a united stance.

By Changing Nothing, Nothing Changes

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