Sunday, 27 January 2013

Defenders of Gibraltar Welcome GFA back HOME!

Our Press Release and Photos 27/01/13


The Defenders of Gibraltar would like to congratulate the GFA on its return from a historic and groundbreaking participation in the UEFA Futsal tournament. Through the efforts of the GFA, Gibraltar has once again shown the world who we are and where we come from. Words cannot describe the sense of pride felt on witnessing the coming home of our players today, where many lined up to congratulate the team on their achievements. 

By playing against experienced footballing sides such as Montenegro, France and San Marino, we have proven that Gibraltar is more than ready to become a full member of the UEFA club. 

A debut of 1 win and 2 losses is amazing especially when you consider we do not yet have a futsal team in its own right. We extend our congratulations to the whole team who exceeded all expectations through sheer determination and passion for the game. You have done us all proud.

Lastly, the Defenders of Gibraltar are saddened by Spain's constant machinations in attempting to deny Gibraltar its ability to display its sporting prowess to the world. It is time for Spain to realise that they should not mix SPORT and POLITICS. We look forward to the day when Spain realises that its efforts are futile, serving only to highlight its unhealthy paranoia of Gibraltar.

Gareth Gingell
Spokesperson for Defenders of Gibraltar

Photos by Tommy Finlayson - Photographer for Defenders of Gibraltar

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