Thursday, 31 January 2013



Today members of the Defenders of Gibraltar attended the Cadena Ser interview being held in Gibraltar.

The 3 hour interview was one which promised to air opinions and thoughts from both sides of the divide. During moments of mutual respect or outright support, there was applause. During times when there were lies, there was grumbling and the occasional boo from the crowd. It is probably at this point that it should be mentioned that the crowd appeared to consist of 50% Gibraltarians and 50% Spanish. Our Chief Minister and Minister for the Environment did us extremely proud in eloquently and calmly stating the facts and exposing the truth, especially during moments of sheer bias from the presenter of the show.

Indeed, we had heard that extremist members of Gibraltar Es****l were planning to be present and spoil the show. Suffice to say that they were present but abandoned their plans when we casually took off our coats and exposed the Defenders of Gibraltar logo on our jumpers. They spent their time pretending to be Inspector Cluso taking photos and giggling to themselves. Like they say in Gibraltar, "lo teniamo fichado" (will reveal their faces in due course, as they made the mistake of uploading to GE whilst at the event). What will stick with me for a long time is how I saw one of the 'suspects' on the phone outside saying in Spanish "how do you expect me to do that, with the extremists sitting right in front of me". Sorry to have spoilt your plans buddy, maybe next time ;)


1 - Dr Cortes short but stalwart defense of the Environment.
2 - The Chief Ministers robust defense of our Finances and explanation of where the fault really lies with this conflict (Partido Popular)
3 - Closing statement by a lovely Spanish woman (Paula) from La Linea who unequivocally stated that they are our waters and is on our side.
4 - Looking at members of Gibraltar Espanol wanting to say something, but looking around nervously and thinking better of it....and watching them disappear as if by magic when the show ended.
5 - Listening to Taxi's beautiful music performed live not 3 metres from us


1 - Landaluces phone in....terrible....his accusations were unfounded and all over the place.
2 - Having to listen to someone speaking live in the Bay of Gibraltar giving a very biased version of events, in which our RGP are apparently harassing the Spanish Fishermen on a daily basis.
2 - Francisco the fisherman playing dumb and saying all he wanted to do was fish...he can attend a radio interview in Gibraltar but not a court appearance...not so brave as he makes himself out to be then...he forgot to mention the Guardia Civils backing too.
3 - A member of the panel comparing the audience to ETA because of its opposition to his selective view of the Treaty of Utrecht (dont worry the head of the panel gave him a public talking down).
4 - Hearing the voice of some plonker singing Gibraltar Espanol during one of the 'cut-off' segments.

All in all a great night had by all, and we left with a warm fuzzy feeling that somewhere in Spain, someone has finally been able to hear the truth. If that radio interview changes the opinion of just one person in Spain, it was well worth the effort. Well done to Fabian and John - you did us proud.

Lastly, a well done and a thank you to Cadena Ser for coming over to Gibraltar and giving us a voice - I think that TeleCinco would have stopped the show after about 5 minutes :)
Gareth Gingell

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