Thursday, 31 January 2013


The lack of action by our police, and by our governor and especially by the Royal Navy is what is now pus hing people to want to take their own action! We as Andrew Rosindell, Christopher Thompson to get more involved and pass on the people's concern before it is too late! People demand action and let us remember ten thousand signed urging for more action! Lack of action is demeaning the petition and the people represented by it! The time has come to end the diplomatic waffling! Mr Yome must do his job and let his officers enforce the law if not retire! The Governor Sir You must also do your job or leave! This is what it boils down to! Every job has a it's dangers and using assets or danger is an excuse! We do not want war but we do want to see the law enforced! Lack of enforcement leads to what we now see daily the disregard for our laws! This is discrimination and apathy by those who are accountable for enforcing the law and protecting Gibraltar's British Territorial waters! The bully will stop when you do your job! We want to see arrests! We want to see the navy in action too! So no more sleeping, no more slumber wake up Britain and roar like thunder!
These photos are from Monday 28th Jan

Anne-Marie Struggles

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